Pumpkin Time

Pumpkin Time [First Impression]

Pumpkin Time is a very different gender-bender shoujo story… Namely our protagonist transforms from boy into a girl, without any reason.

Alt Titlesパンプキン・タイム, 南瓜的時間, 펌킨타임
CreatorsGaedarae [개다래] (Author & Artist)
LicensedYes, Official English Translation
GenreDramaFantasyGender BenderRomanceSchool Life
Pumpkin Time

Pumpkin Time Summary

My male best friend is now.. a girl?

Taeju and Haewon were best friends growing up. One day, Taeju moves to the United States. Years go by without any contact, until Taeju suddenly comes back to Korea in search of his best friend.

But what happens when his male best friend is now a high school … girl?!

Pumpkin Time [First Impression]
I honestly have a hard time knowing what to feel about this story.

Now, I was definitely upset when I ran out of episodes to read, but the plot is odd. I just don’t fully understand how our male protagonist suddenly became a female.

No explanation was given, at all. Which is a bit odd. I suppose they did try to make it seem like they attempted to find a cure, but you know. So now he is a girl, which is fine I guess. I have so many questions about the whole genitalia but I guess I’ll just roll with the plot.

Haewoon eventually goes under the name of Haeyoon, having a new identity made for himself. Randomly and for no real reason, except to find Haewoon, our famous Taeju decides to return.

As luck would have it, he of course starts in the same school as Haeyoon. Imagine that, huh?

I quite like the story and I can fully understand how difficult it must be to explain the whole male to female thing. I don’t think it’s right for Haeyoon to lie or hide the truth, but you know.

Sadly the story is ruined slightly by our love triangle. A friend or something from the States follows Taeju to Korea. Like, he clearly didn’t want you to come with him. Why do you desperately cling to him? It’s so bloody annoying.

Now this person isn’t rotten throughout, she obviously like Haeyoon enough to stop any bad rumours about her. However, she’s not exactly doing it out of her love for her, either.

Recommendation: Overall it’s an interesting school romance story with a twist I’ve not seen before. If you like romance and school drama, with love triangles and misunderstandings – this is for you!

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