Princess Don’t Ruin Your Public Persona [1st Impression]

Princess, Don’t Ruin Your Public Persona! is a typical manhua series. The female lead is annoying and the male lead is smitten by her.

Alt TitlesJun Zhu Wen Zhu Ren She Buneng Beng!, Jùn Zhǔ Wěn Zhù, Rén Shè Bùnéng Bēng!, Princess Please Don’t Be Out Of Character Your Set-up Cannot Be Collapsed!, Princess Please Hold On Your Image Cannot Be Collapsed!, The Princess’s shop, 郡主稳住 人设不能崩!, Princess Please Hang In There Your Persona Cannot Be Collapsed!
CreatorsCloud Studio, 云端漫画, Yúnduān mànhuà (Author & Artist)
LicensedYes, MangaToon
Princess Don't Ruin Your Public Persona

Princess Don’t Ruin Your Public Persona! Summary

Gee! What would you do if you wake up and find yourself become a new born baby overnight?

I guess I have to re-live my childhood again. Fortunately, I am reborn in the noble family of Grand Secretary.

However, I guess I should seize this chance and establish my own career! My family dotes on me, friends support me, and my princes charming fancy me.

Wait… How am I supposed to choose from the emperor and the crown prince? And I am not interested in being the d*mn empress!

All I want is money money money!

Your Public Persona
Princess Don’t Ruin Your Public Persona! is a typical manhua story, with a man and woman loving each other.

Sort-of. The story isn’t that amazing but it’s not horrible. The female lead is an isekai heroine, who transmigrates into the ancient Chinese world.

She’s a noblewoman, but our plot starts more when she’s a child. Although she’s obviously smart, but she’s also annoying and a thief.

I quite lost the interest in this story once we hit the child stage, it wasn’t too exciting.

The art isn’t bad, which is nice. I quite like the art style and how the male lead is drawn. He’s quite attractive but I initially didn’t think the male lead actually liked the female lead.

The male lead is also acting like most male leads are acting in these manhua stories, overbearing and controlling. Yet somehow he seems sweet, so I’m not sure how I feel about him.

Final thoughts: I’m not loving the story nor do I really recommend checking it out.

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