The Provincial Commander's Self-Cultivation

The Provincial Commander’s Self-Cultivation [First Impression]

The Provincial Commander’s Self-Cultivation seems to be a type of reverse harem story, where women are in control.

Alt Titles提督的自我修养, Ti Du De Zi Wo Xiu Yang
CreatorsTang Dao [唐刀] (Author) – Si Xi [사희, 四喜, Sixi] (Artist)
GenreComedyDramaGender BenderHistorical
The Provincial Commander's Self-Cultivation [First Impression]

The Provincial Commander’s Self-Cultivation Summary

Qihuang Kingdom is run by women, and as the head eunuch, Yan Lang’s dream was to mix in, eat, wait for death, and resign from office with honor, while disguising herself as a man.

However, Yan Lang unexpectedly encounters the biggest failure of her career when the new empress ascendsto the throne.

Wait a minute! Why was the empress a male? Yan Lang barely managed to convince the empress to spare her life, but without even the time to celebrate, that damn empress forces a pill down her throat.

“All this drug will do is keep you in check. Behave well, and I will make sure you have nothing to worry about.”

“Just be a good empress! Starting from today, I’ll be your loyal subject during the day, and kick your ass in the evening!”

Every day, Yan Lang wanders on the brink of danger, for someday, the empress may discover her secret: that Yan Lang, the provincial commander, is actually female!

The Provincial Commander's Self-Cultivation [First Impression]
First and foremost, the art is actually pretty gorgeous. I have no complaints about it. The plot is also pretty decent, considering the origin of the story.

I’m expecting the worst, but the story is being pretty grounded in normalcy with fairly “normal” behaviour from the people involved. It’s obviously a bit exaggerated but so far it’s not waaay over the top.

I have no idea how the actual social system work since it’s slightly confusing. I’m not sure if the empress is actually the real empress or if she/he is marrying someone and thus became the empress. It’s all a bit confusing to be honest. And (s)he also have a bunch of geese for some reason.

We don’t really get a huge reveal about our protagonist early in the story. I assume the male lead know our female lead is female, but who knows. She doesn’t want to be caught as a female from what I gathered, but not sure why that would be bad.

The Provincial Commander's Self-Cultivation [First Impression]

Our female lead is at least capable in this story. She’s running across rooftops and preventing assassinations left and right. Although I assume as soon as the male lead comes in she’ll become useless. It seems to be a common trope in most stories, sadly.

Overall I’m quite hopeful this story will turn out well. It certainly seems to be doing some things right, so maybe we’ll be lucky and get a decent story!

Recommendation: Definitely check it out if you like gender-bender, reverse harem and ancient China.

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