The Princess’s Jewels [1st Impression]

The Princess’s Jewels isn’t what I have been expecting. And not in a good way, quite the opposite, actually. There’s just something with the art that makes me dislike it.

Alt TitlesEl Joyero de la princesa, The Princess’ Jewelry Box, The Princess’s Jewelry Box, 황녀의 보석함
CreatorsJYUN, 쥰 (Author)
Hongcha, 홍차 (Artist)
LicensedYes, Webtoons
AdaptedProbably a novel
The Princess's Jewels

The Princess’s Jewels Summary

Princess Ariana de Secramise knows that becoming the first-ever empress of the Arbezela Empire will be no small task.

That’s why she collects five beautiful “jewels” — talented, handsome men from all across the lands — to help her reach her goal.

Can Ariana manoeuvre her way through court politics to become the empress, and can these jewels help her shine?

The Princess's Jewels
I’m not hating the story, but something is rubbing me the wrong way. Maybe I just need to get into the story first, since it does seem quite unique.

I actually really love the fact our male leads are different looking, and the first one is actually a gorgeous dark brown skinned man. I haven’t seen that a lot in these stories, where “brown” just looks slightly more tan than anything.

Our female lead seems to be a bit of a Mary Sue, seemingly amazing at everything. She’s a great pick for the empress, except for her gender. Which everyone seems to point out for her, except her father who loves her greatly.

The Princess's Jewels
She also loves men, especially looking at them and having them in her entourage.

As it seems, she has a great body and charm, which she uses for her own benefit.

Overall I feel like the story isn’t bad, but it’s clear it’s a lot of fanservice. The male leads seem to have no motivation or urgency, other than to please our female lead.

Even a man whose whole reason for attracting the princess’s attention amounts to very little. In fact, as soon as he sees her, he falls madly in love with her.

No man seems immune to her charms, which just feels wrong with the way things are going. There’s nothing wrong using your female charms, but it seems that’s all she has up her sleeve.

Final thoughts: The story isn’t exactly bad, but I’m not quite liking it. It just seems to be very basic with the character design and character motivations. Very two-dimensional and boring.

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