The two-faced princess [First Impression]

The Two-Faced Princess is a relatively interesting story about a princess who is hated by her own father. She’s only good for one thing, being sold to some other country.

Alt TitlesTwo-Faced Princess, 두 얼굴의 황녀
CreatorsJyeong Ryu, 류주연 (Author)
Tori,トリ, 토리 (Artist)
AdaptedYes, Novel
GenreDrama,  HistoricalMature Warning: Gore/blood, Murder / Attempted Murder, Romance
The Two-Faced Princess

The Two-Faced Princess Summary

“Your Majesty, please call off my engagement with Her Highness, Princess Apolonia. I’ve fallen in love with Adriene Rhys.”

Six engagements, six breakups. The princess’ fiancés always have an affair with her maids!

“I don’t want to marry a prince, I want to live with you, Father.”

“How useless. Leave!”

Apolonia, a princess who is known to be weak and stupid. However, she has a secret side to her…

“Because the throne is not easily obtained, my father spent 10 years trying to kill my mother and the Emperor.”

Apolonia grins, while her red eyes shine brightly. Usurping the throne. Her goal is clear and she never hesistate

‘I want to live with my father… To be precise, I want to live where my father sits.

Just wait, Father. Your daughter is on her way… to get back everything that was stolen from her.’

The Two-Faced Princess
The story starts out with the princess avoiding her arranged marriages with a genius trick.

Instead of having the men marry her, she puts them together with her maids.

In other words, she both avoids arranged marriages but also makes great allies. These women are forever grateful for their chance to ascend the social and political ladders.

I’m not fully sure I understand the plot, but I think the emperor is evil and kills off the female lead’s mother and the mother’s father. He does this to seize control of the empire, despite him being less royal than them.

Our female lead pretends to be a stupid girl, but she’s slowly planning her overtaking of the throne. I quite like the story, but there’s something I’m not loving.

It could be the art style, which isn’t bad, but not to my liking.

Final thoughts: Definitely give it a shot, since the first few chapters are quite interesting. I’m not sure how great it will be further on, since it may be losing some originality.

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