The Princess Pretends to Be Crazy [1st Impression]

The Princess Pretends to Be Crazy starts out with murdering siblings, resulting in one princess resorting to pretending to be insane.

Alt Titles皇女在装疯卖傻, 왕녀는 미친 척을 한다, Crazy Like a Fox (official title)
CreatorsDalseul, 달슬 (Author)
Rohan, Rofan, 로한 (Artist)
GenreFantasyHistoricalMature Warning: Drugs / AlcoholGore/blood, Mental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted Murder, Reversal of TimeRomance Drama
The Princess Pretends To Be Crazy  [1st Impression]

The Princess Pretends To Be Crazy Summary

A strange succession ceremony has all princes and princesses fight each other. Only the strongest member of the royal family may succeed the throne.

After being dying from poison, she returns five years into the past and decides playing the part of a crazy b*tch in order to survive.

Yet somehow looking like the weakest is still not enough. The crazy princess, with no power or backing, was about to die yet again. Suddenly, a suspicious wizard suddenly appears before her.

The Princess Pretends To Be Crazy  [1st Impression]
I was kind of on the fence about the story, but I quite like it. I enjoy the fact our female lead is trying a different method surviving, and not just attempting to run away.

The whole family is a big f*cked up mess, similar to Roxana‘s family where everyone is out to get each other. Even the father is an utter @rsehole, making the siblings fight each other.

In order to survive, our female lead pretends to be crazy and even hurts herself to further the insanity.

Apparently she climbs up some wall, which have thorns and she ends up hurting her feet.

Eventually she makes a mistake and ends up being caught by her brothers.

Her holy power seems to awaken and she’s being saved by that. She’s later on also saved by a mage, and there’s some real attraction between them.

Both of them comment having attraction towards each other, saying both are attractive and beautiful.

There’s definitely something between them, although it’s definitely not fully explored early on. I do like their chemistry, between the princess and the mage.

Final thoughts: So far I’m liking the story a lot. The royal family is clearly f*cked up and I hope they just pop.

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