The Princess Imprints a Traitor [First Impression - Manhwa]

The Princess Imprints a Traitor [First Impression – Manhwa]

“The Princess Imprints A Traitor” is an excellent example of how good communication skills prevents a villainess from feeding someone poison. Talking prevents poisonings, so talk more!

Alt TitlesHwangnyeo ban-yeogjaleul gag-insikida, Принцесса запечатлевшая изменника, Принцесса запомнившая изменника, 황녀 반역자를 각인시키다, Revolutionary Princess Eve (official title)
CreatorsIrinbi (Author) – Suri (Seuli, Seuri, Sri, Suli, Sulli) / Sagong (Artists)
Licensed?Yes, Tapas
NovelUnsure, potentially not
The Princess Imprints A Traitor

Summary of The Princess Imprints A Traitor

After the fall of the empire due to the homunculi. Evienrose, the 7th Princess, dies after drinking poison given by her younger sister.

When she opens her eyes again, she has returned 8 years to the past.

To stop the fall of the imperial family, Eve decides to turn to ‘Mikhael’. He’s the leader of the homunculi and the ‘Monster of the Floating Prison’. She’s planning to take him as her appointed knight, without knowing how it’ll go.

I instantly fell in love with the story of “The Princess Imprints A Traitor”! If you liked Fullmetal Alchemist, you might actually end up enjoying this quite a bit.
The Princess Imprints A Traitor

It seems to combine both reversal of time elements, as well as some type of love or possessive nature from this Mikhael. I suppose we’ll have to wait to see how their relationship develops, but I’m quite curious.

All of Eve’s sisters and brothers seem to be evil and deserve death, at least based on what they do in the future. They’re truly obnoxious, almost like “real” villains.

The whole world seems interesting and I can’t wait to see what more will happen. So far we haven’t seen a lot of the current world or Evie’s siblings.

The whole reversal of time aspect is extra interesting. Evie never really knew Mikhael was “good” in this new timeline. I’m also looking forward the alchemy part of this story, but I fear it might be less important than I want it to be.

Recommendation: The manhwa seems to be very interesting and I’m looking forward to what will happen

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