Mr Love: Queen's Choice

Mr Love: Queen’s Choice [First Impression]

Mr Love: Queen’s Choice” is an ongoing game offered by Elex, the same people behind “Love Nikki”.

Available Now?Yes
GenresRole- Playing, Romance, Mystery
WarningsViolence, Blood, Suggestive Themes
Voice ActedPartially, Japanese & English
In-App Purchases:Yes
Free to PlayYes
Platforms:Android, Apple (iPad)

If you played Love Nikki, you’ll instantly recognize the similarities with “Mr Love: Queen’s Choice”. Google Play says the following about the game:

“Who will be your soul mate? Mr Love: Queen’s Choice is a romance simulation game that gives you the opportunity to text, chat and even call the main characters while developing your own career as a media producer.”

– Mr Love: Queen’s Choice Google Play
The mobile game puts you into the role of a producer, aiming to make her show rocket into popularity again. Doing this she encounters four men, all with different personalities and motives.
Mr Love: Queen's Choice daily quest system

Victor, the main decider if the show continues or not. Kiro, a superstar with a hidden talent. Gavin, former classmate turned police officer with a hidden agenda.

And finally, Lucien, the genius man who has one too many secrets up his sleeve. There’s also another mysterious character you’ll encounter later on, but I won’t spoil that.

Mr Love: Queen’s Choice offers multiple mini-games inside the game. Most of them rely on your Karma strength, which is basically cards of your love interests that you level up.

You get items to level them up by doing stages. The normal stages progresses the main story, and in-between each stage you either get a part of the story or you have to “produce” a show using experts.

These experts you also get via mini-games and you can level them up as well. You also use your Karma here and they’re practically your “ace”, so even if your experts are bad you can still win the stage.

The actual stages do not feature a lot of romance, but certain Karma produces “dates”, which comes in four parts. The first part is free but the other three cost gems, which you get by levelling up your karma cards.

You can find the game on Google Play and Apple App Store. A review will be coming soon.

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