I Will Politely Decline The Male Lead [1st Impression]

I Will Politely Decline The Male Lead initially seems like any other isekai manhwa, but is it? It’s initially very similar to other stories, but I quite like it anyway.

Alt Titles남주는 정중히 사양하겠습니다, Namjuneun Jeongjunghi Sayanghagessseubnida
CreatorsYehwon, 예훤 (Author)
Salaman, Salamander, 샐러맨 (Artist)
GenreDramaFantasyHistoricalIsekai Mature Warning: Gore/blood,  Mental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted MurderRomanceTime Travel
I Will Politely Decline The Male Lead [1st Impression]

I Will Politely Decline The Male Lead Summary

She has possessed the villainess in a novel who is destined for a miserably death.

In her first life, she follows the original story and dies, only to wake up in the body of the villainess once again. On her next attempt, she tries everything to avoid the death flags, but in the end, only death awaits her once again.

Now on her third attempt, she has made up her mind.

Let’s just live!

“I’ll die if I live like this, and I’ll be killed if I live like that!”

But was it because it because the story had changed too much compared to the original? The main characters’ interest in the original Female Lead seems to now be directed at her somehow…?

I can’t say the story is necessarily unique or anything, but the story itself seems good regardless.

Our female lead tries the two options that are seemingly smartest. Either living life as the villainess or try to act kind, neither ends up with a good ending.

So our female lead decides to say f*ck it and live out life like she wants to live. The 2nd female character, the one who our female lead is supposed to harass, is probably not a good person.

It’s seemingly not a great start for our female lead, but she’s determined to change her life onwards. She ends up acting out in front of her father, not caring for the crown prince and so on.

I Will Politely Decline The Male Lead [1st Impression]
For some reason, the story reminds me of “Beware Of The Villainess“.

Especially the female lead’s fangirling over the other female character. Even the art slightly reminds me of the story, but only a bit.

The fact our female lead quite quickly catches on to the whole “I might as well live my life” thing, is quite refreshing. We don’t see that so quickly usually.

I half-hope the two main female characters end up together, but I know they won’t. I definitely hope the crown prince is out of the picture! He’s really rude and annoying, not deserving of our female lead.

Final thoughts: Overall I’m quite liking the story, despite the fact it’s quite similar to a lot of other stories featuring isekai villainesses.

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