The Poisonous Genius Consort Is Too Arrogant

The Poisonous Genius Consort Is Too Arrogant [First Impression]

“Poisonous Genius Consort is Too Arrogant” has such a long title, sadly it seems the story doesn’t have enough content to fit the title.

Alt TitlesMiracle Doctor, Evil Consort Is Too Arrogant, The Arrogant Genius Doctor, The Evil Miracle Doctor Consort Is Too Arrogant, The Genius Doctor but Cruel Consort Is Too Much!, The Peerless Arrogant Doctor, The Poisonous Genius Consort Is Too Arrogant, 神医毒妃太嚣张, The Poisonous Miracle Doctor Consort Is Too Arrogant  (Probably most accurate translation), The Unbridled Medical Consort (official title)
CreatorsTwo Cats [Liang Zhi Mao, Mr. Two Cats, 两只猫, 两只猫先生, 两只猫图] / Winter Man (Authors & Artists)
GenreActionDramaFantasyIsekai, Mature WarningMurderRape / Mentions of Rape, Drugs, Gore
The Poisonous Genius Consort Is Too Arrogant  [First Impression]

The Poisonous Genius Consort Is Too Arrogant Summary

“God’s doctor is too arrogant” is a web manhua collaboration between Two Cats and Winter Man. This manhua depicts a genius doctor who reincarnated as a continent’s useless lady.

To avenge the useless lady, she charges forward by talking back, hiring offense-based supernatural creatures, cultivating her core and levelling up to defeat monsters. And subjugate the fantasy continent’s strongest man, henceforth turning the tables of her miserable life, reaching the peak of her legacy!

English description by [Anitation Arts group].

The Poisonous Genius Consort Is Too Arrogant  [First Impression]
We start out pretty fast with the isekai part of the story being established. The original owner of the body is asking for help.

Our isekai heroine looks like a female soldier. At least, that’s what I assume they’re going for with the cameo shorts and everything.

Our female lead promises to avenge the original owner of the body. Instantly when she wakes up, she’s almost raped by some creepy looking beggars. Of course it’s the sister who hires them. You can see where this is going already, I hope.

I’m so bloody sick of these stupid squabbles between family members in these stories. It’s like a plot point that’s been used for way too long. The only saving grace for this story is the action.

Right from the get go, our female lead is showing some will to live, which is at least good. She is actively trying to escape and kill the people who almost raped her. Considering she was drugged, she’s doing a pretty good job.

Thankfully our female lead isn’t seeming to be too annoying, but the sister is instead. The sister just looks insane as hell, which I suppose she might actually be.

I suppose there’s going to be romance, but I’m not sure how that will play out.

Recommendation: I mean, it’s not the worst manhua I’ve read but it’s hardly impressing me. Take a look at it but don’t expect anything too much.

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