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pocket comics [Review]

Pocket Comics only have an app, which greatly limits the exposure to a wider audience. The app is pretty good and features a lot of comics!

App TitlePocket Comics (NHS Comico Corp), Pocket Comics: Premium Webtoo‪n
Reading Model?Free, watch ads (rental), pay coins
Lowest recharge amount0.99 dollars
Chapters per lowest amountAbout 2 chapters
Affordable for users?Yes
User friendly?Yes
PlatformsiOs (App Store) and Android (Google Play)
Notable seriesLady to Queen, Imitation, The Maid and the Vampire, Daughter of the Emperor
Comic originJapan, South Korea, China
Pocket Comics
The app features various stories and genres, everything from BL to thriller. It’s easy to get an overview of the stories available on the home page.

Some stories in Pocket Comics are featured, others are recommended by the editors. There’s also reader’s top choices, latest releases and “for you” – which is based on previous reads. There’s also rankings with popular, trending and then different genres. Pretty handy to sort out which stories you want to read.

There’s even hashtags for certain stories such as #SparksInTheOffice, #CallHR, #Protector, #Pet, #EasternTales , #WayTooReal, #Futuristic, #Isekai and so on. 

In other words, bit of everything is available. Best part is you can start reading the stories without having an account. So you don’t have to commit to the app until you’re ready.

Pocket Comics
Later chapters you will need an account to pay with coins, but seems many stories you can watch an ad and continue reading. From what I gathered, it’s one ad per chapter per 24 hours. If you like binge-reading you’re not in luck.

If you have tickets or coins, you cannot watch ads to further read the chapters. This prevents you from saving coins for later times.

Many free episodes, one even had 30 chapters for free as an introduction deal. Access to daily releases per day as well as completed stories. Not all stories are available in my country, most seem to be though. I only ran across one that wasn’t available.

The tab “inbox” features your gifts, messages and missions. You read 5 chapters of selected stories and you get 1 ticket for free. The gifts tab features various deals that are available, such as 30% coin-back.

Sadly there’s only temporary offers, so I have 6 days to read the chapters I got for free. I also got 20 coins for free, via claiming something in one of these pages.

Your first purchase of coins will give you a bit more coins. It’s a pretty good deal overall, it’s certainly enticing if you’re hooked on the app. Most chapters cost 5 coins, but I have also seen 7 and 9 coins.

Based on that, 1 dollar vill give you about 2 chapters of some stories. It’s technically not that expensive, but it doesn’t feel like a good deal when the coin prices change like that.

You can also earn coins by various methods, such as installing other apps and validating these. Unfortunately for me, they never seem to actually work. It seems you can get 1 coin by just downloading certain apps and running them. At least you have the option for this, which is helpful.

Now, the app can be great but what happens if you actually don’t like the content? I’m happy to say there’s a lot of stories and some seem to be excellent. “Lady to Queen” is on the app, “Daughter of the Emperor“, “Love Quest for a Servant Girl“, “A Tender Heart: The Story How I Became The Duke’s Maid” and more.

Overall I think Pocket Comic is a good app to read stories. You should definitely check out their content, there’s Anime Planet which features a list.

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