Please Don't Eat Me

Please Don’t Eat Me [First Impression]

“Please Don’t Eat Me” starts out with common tropes and finishes off with chapters jumping here and there.

Alt TitlesDon’t Eat Me, Nareul Jabameogji Malajwo, Не ешь меня,
Пожалуйста не ешь меня, Прошу не ешь меня, 나를 잡아먹지 말아줘
CreatorsSaha (Author) – Baek Jiyeon (백지연), Caviar
Licensed?Yes, Tapas
NovelYes, English
Please Don't Eat Me

Summary of Please Don’t Eat Me

Ertha was reincarnated into a rated 19+ male-oriented fantasy novel.

As the original story goes, Ertha was eaten alive by the protagonist Zahid, but I can’t die like that because I have my little siblings.

I offered a deal to the main character who’d eat me up. I’m the target of the proposal, 5 billion Marukas!

All I have to do now is run away before the main character gets a chance to eat me.

Can I, Ertha, escape from the hands of Zahid, the greatest wizard in the kingdom? – MU

Please Don't Eat Me
I’m not going to say I wasn’t enjoying the chapters, because I really did like them. I like the female being cautious of the situation, yet forcing herself to do the best in her current situations.

Our female lead, Ertha, is being surrounded by dangerous people left and right, even the Pope is a maniac. I get why she’s super cautious of everything. Especially since Zahid wants to potentially devour her.

I suppose this is why the mahwa title cover reminds me of a vampire. They did that on purpose so you’d get thoughts of supernatural beings and vampires.

I do think the art is pretty enough, but something irks me with it. I just don’t know what exactly. Maybe it’s because they all look sick or like they haven’t slept for 20 odd years?

The story itself isn’t really bad, but the initial tropes are. We’ve seen the contractual marriage thing done before, at least this time it was the man who was suggesting it.

The siblings are adorable, though. They don’t trust this man at all. It’s nice to see small children have more common sense than some adult female leads in other manhwas. No shade.

One thing that I’ve noticed are the chapters jumping quite a bit between scenes. In one scene we’re having a wedding, then our protagonist is dressed “normally”. It just seemed very jumpy and it felt like they needed some bridge or explanation between these chapters.

Recommendation: Ok read, might be worth to check out.

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