Persimmon Secretary

The Persimmon Secretary [1st Impression]

The Persimmon Secretary starts out with a secretary winning the jackpot on a lottery, but she still can’t resign from her horrible job?!

Alt TitlesSecretary Gam is Broken, Secretary Out-of-Order, The Secretary is Broken, The Secretary’s Feelings Are Out of Order, The Weird Secretary, 감 비서가 고장났다
CreatorsParand, Farand, 보도뵈, 파란드 (Author)
KwonKwon, 퀀퀀, QuornQuorn (Artist)
POK, (Colouring Assistant)
LicensedNot in English. Indonesian.
GenreComedy, DramaRomanceSlice of Life
The Persimmon Secretary [1st Impression]

The Persimmon Secretary Summary

Gam Yoo Eun wins the lottery with the leftover money from buying a bungeoppang (fish-shaped pastry) after working overtime, as always.

She tries quitting her job as President Chae Do Hyuk’s secretary, a boss notorious for living solely for his work…

“Lately, my head is full with thoughts of Secretary Gam.”

Something’s wrong with the boss… I mean, why is he turning so soft all of a sudden? She tries pushing him away, saying it’s no use to act so out of character, but Yoo Eun is gradually shaken by relentless attacks from the handsome man.

Does she know that Do Hyuk is thinking the same exact thing?

“Persimmon secretary Gam is acting strange. I’ll make sure she goes back to normal.”

Persimmon Secretary
The Persimmon Secretary features a female lead, Gam Yoo Eun, who is utterly fed up with her job.

Her boss, Chae Do Hyuk, is a maniac, only focusing on his work – oftentimes leaving her stranded without information.

When she ends up winning from a lottery ticket, she’s determined to quit her job. However, little does she know that her boss is going to refuse letting her go.

In fact, he thinks it’s due to his negligence as a boss and his way of thinking is drastically different from our female lead.

The Persimmon Secretary [1st Impression]
Our male lead goes so far to purchase books about giving employees appreciation.

However, both of them are completely unaware of what’s going on in the other person’s head. Misunderstandings are bound to happen!

There’s seemingly some s*xual attraction between them, but I haven’t seen it explored yet.

The art is this story is also pretty good. Actually, it’s really good and I love the colouring. I love when the comics combine both good art and a decent plot.

I haven’t been able to read too much of the story, but what I’ve seen so far I’m loving.

Final thoughts: It’s an office story, but if you like a twist with the female lead not “needing” her job, read this! I also love how the male lead is swooning over her.

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