Perfect Family [Manhwa - First Impression]

Perfect Family [Manhwa – First Impression]

I am honestly quite impressed with this story of Perfect Family! It started out with a twist and I really want to see what else we’ll discover! 

Alt TitleUne famille parfaite, Wanbyeokhan Gajok, 완벽한 가족
Creatorsnyangbba [냥빠, nyangppa] (Author) – Joo Eun [주은] (Artist)
LicensedNo – Original Webtoon, Official French Translation, Official Indonesian Translation
GenreDramaGoreHorrorMature Warning: MurderPsychologicalSlice of Life

Summary of “Perfect Family”

Sun-Hee’s family seems to be a perfect, happy family until the day she confesses to her mother that she killed her classmate, Kyung-Ho. After hearing this, her mother has an unexpected reaction.

Perfect Family
The mother of the family is definitely a psychopath. Yet, she cares about her child quite a bit. She even goes so far as to start killing more people and even sets a house on fire. If that’s not some twisted love, I don’t know what is.

The story isn’t even that far along with the chapters and I’m quite liking it. We’re served with another twist soon after, which in fact did prove the mother wasn’t wrong. I am very curious about the family’s father. Is he just like the mother or is he normal? Maybe he has another quirk we don’t know about? Some of the images seem to hint he’s also not fully sane.

I think we’re definitely going to be seeing another murder happening soon. Not wise to threaten the child of a crazed killer, after all.

I think this story will be a good one if you like thrillers and detective manhwas. I just hope it gets licensed officially so everyone can read it! Since it’s Naver Webtoon that officially holds the title, we might see it in English eventually.

Recommendation: It seems good so far, give it a read! 

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