We Shan't Part Tonight [First Impression]

We Shan’t Part Tonight [First Impression]

This is a story about finding a long lost lover and living happily ever after. But will our male lead actually live happily ever after?

Alt TitlesJīnyè Yǔ Nǐ Gòngdù, Spend Tonight With You, Jinye Yu Ni Gongdu, 今夜与你共度
CreatorsZhi Zi [炙子, Zhizhi]
GenreDramaFantasy, HistoricalShounen Ai/ YaoiSupernatural
Part Tonight

We Shan’t Part Tonight Summary

In search of his love the master plays host to all manner of guests, with an assistant assisting him.

While the guests get their wishes granted, will the master and his faithful companion see their wishes come true?

We Shan’t Part Tonight is really just a story about unrequited love between a nobleman and a wizard.

The wizard claims they’ll meet in the next life, which the nobleman takes to heart.

However, it proves more difficult than he expects to find his lover. The butterfly he’s been given by the wizard isn’t reacting to anyone!

Still, he holds out the hope of finding his lover again. Our male lead is a younger man the nobleman picks up in the forest. It’s clear the man is utterly worshipping the ground of the nobleman.

The nobleman also have another side which is utterly brutal, but he doesn’t seem to show this to the young servant boy.

However, this side isn’t something that he’s displaying to others. Instead he’s putting up a disguise of a flirty man, but it’s clear he has multiple sides and not all are cuddly.

Despite seeing his evil side, the young servant still loves the nobleman! He wants nothing, just staying close to him, which is both adorable and sad. I wish the young man is showing more of a strong personality and not being a pushover.

The poor guy is having a slash over his eye and is bleeding profusely. Turns out he’s not going to die by the hands of the nobleman.

The nobleman saves him and takes him into the mansion as a servant and the servant ends up falling in love with him.

It’s clear they both have chemistry, but the nobleman is can’t give up on his former lover. He has no one else in his eyes and is ignoring everyone unless they pique his interest.

You see, the nobleman is having some type of wish-holding event and then he takes them into his bedroom. It’s all very secretive and the young servant is clearly suffering seeing the man he loves sleeping with other people!

I like how all of the servants are cheering the young male lead on, being super understanding of his love problems. Sadly enough, they can’t make their master love the younger man.

Final thoughts: The story isn’t bad but I’m having issues with the male lead loving everyone left and right.

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