Because There is No Mr. Park [1st Impression]

Because There Is No Mr. Park is apparently a comedy manhwa, but it left me feeling more bored than entertained.

Alt Titles박씨가 없어서요
CreatorsKim Kang, 김강
GenreComedyDramaFantasyRomanceSlice of LifeSupernatural
Because There Is No Mr. Park [1st Impression]

Because There Is No Mr. Park Summary

While on the way to work, Yuji Shin saw a swallow lying weakly on the road.

I hate the bothersome things, but I can’t pass over the injured swallow and heal the wounds and take care of them.

However, the reality is that I am a college student who is tight enough to deal with my body, so I will soon return the swallow…

“Don’t forget Park when you come again… “

The swallow, who just flew to the mountain spirit, asks for Mr. Park so that he can repay his grace, but the time is already in the 21st century.

Mr. Park, who will repay his favor, is dry.

“Then what should I do…?”

“What about Park, just get rid of it with her body!!”

Will the swallow be able to safely return the grace to Yuji?

A project to repay the full-fledged grace of the Swallows who comes to fill them with their bodies because Park wasn’t there!

Because There Is No Mr. Park [1st Impression]
Because There Is No Mr. Park starts off with the female lead having things go wrong for her.

However, she comes across as unlikable for the most part. All I hear are complaints from her, even being upset over stranger’s kindness when she falls off the bus.

There’s sadly nothing too good to be said about the story, but I do appreciate the fact the author has tried to make the story. However, it’s very confusing and I feel like I’m missing things which is not provided.

Maybe that’s a cultural thing, maybe it’s poor writing. It’s honestly hard to tell at this point. I must say I do like the fact the female lead is more rational than most, going so far to kick the crazy guy out. However, we all know it’s futile and not going to make much difference in the long run.

Eventually some other character shows up and offers our male lead things he need to survive in the 21st century. It feels very random and makes little sense, but I suppose it’s just how this story is going.

Final thoughts: Overall, the story is quite boring and I’m not going to bother with this anymore.

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