Our Classmate Sookgyung [Recommendation]

Our Classmate Sookgyung is about a ghost, whose existence goes by unnoticed by her classmates. One day a transfer student shows up, who doesn’t know Sookgyung is a ghost…

Alt Titles우리반 숙경이, Our Classmate Sook Kyung  
CreatorsHaemil, 해밀, Hamil (Author)
Poyam, KIM Poyam, P0YAM, Ppoyam, 김뽀얌 (Artist)
GenreComedySchool LifeSupernatural, Horror
Our Classmate

Our Classmate Sookgyung Summary

The tale of Sookgyung, a ghost no one pays attention to, who’s been sitting in school for the last twenty-seven years.

Our Classmate
Our Classmate Sookgyung is given a tag of comedy, which I thought was a bit odd. However, in the first chapter I can see why it’s given that tag.

The initial story is really odd, but I’m liking it so far. Our transfer student doesn’t know about the ghost and thus decides to befriend her, which obviously is an odd idea.

Even the female lead’s mother and grandmother are hilarious! I quite like the story so far, which is a big surprise. I like how it combines both comedy and horror-aspects. It’s an unusual mix, done very well.

The contrast between our female lead and the ghost are just hilarious. Our female lead is bright, but exceedingly shy but our ghost is… gloomy.

Our Classmate
I think the story is very much a comedy, hiding a much deeper story.

It’s clear the ghost’s best friend from the past is someone we meet in the story. It’s just very obvious, but our transfer student doesn’t know Sookgyung is a ghost.

I find it adorable how Sookgyung is trying her best to be friendly, too. Even though she’s obviously acting a bit scary and freaking everyone out.

I honestly love how adorable some scenes are, like the ghost becoming scared of a ghost tale.

Final thoughts: I’m low-key loving this story, although the transfer student should realize just how weird the ghost is acting. Like the ghost has no shoes. Definitely start reading this!

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