Fake Princess’ OP Bunny

Fake Princess’ OP Bunny [First Impression]

This story of “Fake Princess’ OP Bunny” is quite good, especially since we have a super cute bunny.

Alt TitlesThe Fake Lady’s Max Level Rabbit, The Fake Princess’ Overpowered Bunny, The Fake Princess’s OP Bunny, 가짜 공녀님의 만렙 토끼, Gongnyeonim’eui Manlev Toggi
CreatorsHAN SeRam [한세람, Han Sera] (Author) – Saesong (Artist)
Licensed?No, Korean
NovelNot sure
Genre Comedy, DramaFantasyPsychologicalRomanceSupernatural,

Compressed summary of Fake Princess’ OP Bunny

“The Duchess of Gernoa de Lantera,” attracts attention from high society. But she’s a fake!

Her real name is Larissa. A girl who used to run street vendors in the market for families in poverty. She was sold to a duke by her family, to play the part of his dead daughter, and is living in danger.

A rabbit with black fur in the arms of a fake duchess. That rabbit is a fake too! The rabbit is Grand Duke Hadelund Strelitz, who is admired by everyone on the continent.

He is the master and hero of the Grand Duchy, where the beasts from Hell reside, but he is now a cute rabbit because of a spell.”
OP Bunny
Poor bunny, she looks insane.
I hate the duke who is pretending to be Larissa’s father. He’s abusive and not exactly smart, either. He has no common sense and only sees money and things that makes him important. 

Money doesn’t equal style or anything like that. The poor child is forced to endured physical and mental abuse from this horrible man. It doesn’t make much sense, at least treat her decently so she doesn’t despise your gut. I can fully understand why his real daughter decided to end her life.

Not to mention she has to pretend to be someone else, wig and all. I can’t help but to feel bad for her and the hellish life she’s living. 

The story has an interesting and cute story, especially with the curse of our male lead. He’s an actual bunny and he’s catching feelings for her. It’ll be interesting to see how this will finally work out. This prevents the story from becoming too dark, which it easily could have become.

I can’t wait for our male lead to take revenge against her fake father, once he gets out of the bunny form! She deserves so much better than that a-hole of a father! I hope he gets drunk and falls down the stairs and breaks all of his legs. Is that too violent for this site? Well, at least you know how I feel about that self-entitled jerk!

Recommendation: Check it out, you might really like this one.

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