Only The Chairman's Figure Is Different

Only The Chairman’s Figure is Different [First Impression]

I went and read “Only The Chairman’s Figure Is Different” with no expectations, yet I still got disappointed. You can tell how bad it is, by that sentence.

Alt TitlesOnly the Figure of the Chairman Is Different , Only The Chairman’s Figure Is Different, 总裁画风不对, 회장님의 그림체만 다르다, Only the Chairman’s Drawing Is Different
CreatorsSia [시아/Siah]
LicensedThankfully no
GenreComedyDrama, RomanceSlice of LifeSupernatural

Summary of Only The Chairman’s Figure Is Different

Newborn researcher Oh Sae-byeok, who was working on a project to create a perfect human, went beyond a number of failed works and finally developed a drug that can change everything from height to face through genetic manipulation, although incomplete.

However, Chairman Geum Soo-jeo, who invested in the lab, misunderstood the first failure as a vitamin and ate it alone?

As a side effect, new changes appear in the body every day. And he started living with her – the only person who can cure the side effects…

Figure Is Different
Everything about “Only The Chairman’s Figure Is Different” is poor: from the writing, to the art, characters and plot. 

We have a science lab where employees, in other words scientists, behave like teen girls and gush over men. That behaviour wouldn’t happen in a proper lab. 

Our female character takes the job seriously, but they just randomly leave a failed test on a table – unmarked. I get you want the story to move onwards but that’s a bit too stupid. 

Of course the chairman takes a pill of this failed medicine. Oh and he’s a slob and sleaze towards our female lead. How in the world he earned money to be involved in research beats me.

After the chairman took his medicine he suffers some nice side-effects and goes to bed. Our favourite researcher took a shower during this time and also went to bed, at 13.00. Bit too early to sleep, no?

The art is also really poor. It’s like a middle schooler was drawing and I’m just feeling frustrated looking at this. I may sound harsh, but that’s because I genuinely get upset having to wade through shit like this to get to some good comics.

Recommendation: No, run away if you can.

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