I’m Only a Stepmother, But My Daughter is Just So Cute! [1st Impression]

I’m Only A Stepmother, But My Daughter Is Just So Cute! is a re-telling and redone version of Snow White. This time around, the step-mother is actually really nice.

Alt TitlesAku Seorang Ibu Tiri, Namun Anakku Sangat Imut, Gyemoinde Ttari Neomu Gwiyeow, I’m a Stepmother but My Daughter Is Just Too Cute!, I’m the Stepmother but My Daughter Is Too Cute, Solo Soy Una Madrastra Pero Mi Hija Es Tan Linda, 계모인데 딸이 너무 귀여워, Not-Sew-Wicked Stepmom (official title)
CreatorsILU, Yir, 이르 (Author)
Gu-Raeng Mo, 모구랭 (Artist)
LicensedOfficial Indonesian Translation, Tapas
AdaptedFrom Novel
GenreDramaFantasyHistoricalIsekaiMature WarningMurder / Attempted Murder, Mental / Physical AbuseRomance

I’m Only a Stepmother, but My Daughter Is Just So Cute!

Somehow, I found myself as the evil stepmother of the beautiful little Blanche. I’m a woman so jealous of her stepdaughter that she tries to kill the girl with a poisoned apple…

Sounds familiar?

However, I’d much rather shower my cute and lovely Blanche with all sorts of affection, but–

So I’m not sure where we are in the story, but I think our female lead has died once already.

She comes back to life and says the experience of dying changed her. Good enough reason, I guess.

The female lead is not exactly sympathetic in the start, but the king is also a bastard. He seems to not care about the female lead or his own daughter.

He doesn’t want to have anything to do with the female lead, but as soon as she announces she’s done with him too, he starts wanting her.

We’ve seen this a lot, but I mean, it’s almost common practice nowadays. Male lead only falls for female lead when they change personalities.

As for the female lead, she’s very similar to The Tyrant’s Guardian Is An Evil Witch, mainly because she’s scaring the poor child.

She has a very “scary” expression which isn’t something the child of the story initially likes.

I must say I quite like the story and the art, too. Obviously it’s not The Villainess Is A Marionette level of art, but it’s definitely good.

Final thoughts: I’m quite liking the story so far. If you like stories set in historical setting with evil step-mothers, then you should definitely check this one out.

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