One Pair Lady [Manhwa Recommendation]

One Pair Lady is a manhwa about a protagonist using her skills to get filthy rich playing cards. I’m honestly impressed with just the first chapter.

Alt TitlesOne Fair Lady, 원 페어 레이디
CreatorsFairy Dragon, 요정용 (Author)
Ant Studio (Artist)
AdaptedFrom novel
GenreDramaFantasyHistoricalMature Warning: Gore/bloodMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted MurderRomance
One Pair Lady [Recommendation]

One Pair Lady Summary

After rescuing a little boy and obtaining a magic ring by chance, Adele is suddenly 10 years into the future as a high roller.

She participates in the gambling tournament at Grand Master Rudy’s request, and came to meet the Young Master Elfenheim, whose name, speech and appearance seem oddly familiar. What’s this weird sense of deja vu?

“I’m not sure if you’ve heard of this before, but the Young Master Elfenheim even went on a ship to find his first love using a pendulum as bait.”
“His first love?”

On top of that, she apparently looks quite similar to the description of his first love?

One Pair Lady [Recommendation]
The female lead is Adele and she’s an excellent reader of emotions and when people are lying. On one very lucky day, she encounters a boy with some magical powers.

It seems starts liking her, but I’m not sure what their relationship will be like in the future. There could be a time skip where he grows up or something, but right now he’s just a child.

I haven’t been reading the synopsis before I read the story, simply because I like going in fresh and judge a comic with clear eyes.

Our female lead is a great gambler and uses her tricks to win a bunch of matches. She also has a magical necklace, allowing her to disguise herself. This is something she needs to avoid people following her and putting her in danger.

It seems the female lead ends up in the future by a magical ring, after only a few chapters. Honestly I’m both happy and sad over this, for opposite reasons.

I’m happy because the story isn’t being too annoying with exposition and information. Sad because it lacks some information and good character developments between our main characters. It’s all very quick and feels like it lacks depth.

The time skip seems like it’s leading to the proper story. I’m learning a lot about gambling and card games, just like other manhwas have taught about tea.

Final thoughts: The story seems relatively fresh and exciting, while still maintaining some aspects we’re used to see in manhwa series.

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