Off Limits! [Recommendation]

Off Limits! is surprisingly a really well drawn manhwa, with mature characters and plotline. No blushing brides here, only cool office workers.

Alt TItlesDilarang Mendekat, Restrain, Сдерживайся!, 接近禁止, 禁止靠近, 접근금지
CreatorsBaek Ha Na [백하나] (Author)
Jimmy [지미]
LicensedYes, JapaneseTraditional ChineseSimplified ChineseEnglishIndonesia
GenreDramaPsychologicalRomanceSlice of Life

Off Limits! Summary

Song Yoonju is well-known as the first rank employee in her division.

Because of her past, she always closes herself off in order to not involve herself in serious relationships, both friendships, and romance.

It also makes her keep a distance from her colleagues. However, since the arrival of Gu Jaehee in her division, the wall she has built is slowly collapsing.

She falls in love with Gu Jaehee, who breaks up with his girlfriend after the GF cheats on him. Will Song Yoonju’s love story run easily or will she encounter issues?

Off Limits
Song Yoonju is pretty much an ice queen when it comes to having relationships. She sticks to keeping her relationships separate from work, so no colleagues or clients.

However, she ends up meeting Gu Jaehee as his girlfriend breaks up with him. Apparently he’s cold towards her, which makes her cheat on him and all that.

She later on encounters him in the office, since he’s starting to work there. Obviously, this surprises her and she starts feeling something for him. Song Yoonju tries her best to avoid acting out on her feelings, but she’s close several times.

As luck has it, she ends up mentoring him and becomes closer to him. She never confess, clearly seeing her love interest isn’t ready for a new relationship. Until one day, she ends up suggesting they should start dating, too.

Neither is she being interested in a relationship with someone from work, but can she really keep it cool? It seems like that’s not the case, as she’s smooching her co-worker soon into the story.

I’m quite liking this story, especially since the office story is quite mature and not too flimsy. There’s some moments hinting at intimate moments.

It’s definitely aiming towards a mature audience, not necessarily teens. However, it’s not too dull or boring, which is nice. There’s a lot of stuff going on, making each chapter feel full with content.

I have seen some scenes which is suggesting love triangles, but I’m not fully sure where it’s leading. Hopefully it’s dying out quickly so our main couple get together for real.

The story is featuring quite a fast pacing, which is nice but it’s making me question how much story is actually left. We get kissing early on and emotional growth, so what’s left with 100 chapters? A lot of good stuff, I hope.

Final thoughts: Definitely worth reading if you like mature office romances! Overall it seems quite interesting but I’m not sure how many tropes exist in this one.

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