My Family Is Obsessed With Me [1st Impression]

My Family Is Obsessed With Me [1st Impression]

My Family Is Obsessed With Me starts interesting, but leaves a lot to be desired. I just don’t really care for these types of comics anymore.

Alt Titles가족들이 나한테 집착한다
CreatorsChikeumil (Author)
Lee Surim, 이수림 (Author)
Hanyak (Artist)
AdaptedUnsure, novel (?)
GenreComedyDramaFantasyHistoricalMature Warning: Mental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted MurderRomance

My Family Is Obsessed With Me Summary

I was a warrior, who died after being taken advantage of, in my previous life. I was reborn, so I tried to get revenge, but how could I be so unlucky to get kidnapped and sent to an orphanage?

But; “Why don’t you come with me?” I was adopted by a rich family. I decided to leave in three years time, after causing a moderate amount of trouble. “Are you going to leave?” “Yes?” “Are you really leaving us?” My family refused to let me go. Why are they so obsessed with me?!

My Family Is Obsessed With Me
My Family Is Obsessed With Me starts off like most stories, with a female lead in a pitiful situation.

Turns out she was a great hero in her past life, but she also started off poorly in that life, too.

As luck would have it, she’s soon adopted into a new family whom she’s initially distrustful towards. Fret not, they’re good people and will cherish her immensely. Even to the point when she wants to leave, they don’t want her to go. Big surprise.

I don’t necessarily hate reincarnation stories nor comics with a child protagonist, but this one sits wrong with me. Our female lead is supposed to garner sympathy from us but she brushes past her previous life too quickly.

We’re furthermore supposed to find her cute since she’s missing a few teeth, making her mispronounce some words. It’s supposed to be cute but I don’t really find it anything but annoying.

It just seems boring in my eyes, but maybe that’s just my own thoughts on the series.

Final thoughts: Won’t bother reading more of it, but maybe someone will enjoy it more than me.

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