Oblivion [First Impression]

Oblivion starts off with a girl applying for a job, only for a ghost to almost kill her. Turns out the shop isn’t a normal store and she’s in for a ride.

Alt Titles无事哉, Wú shì zāi, Wu Shi Zai
CreatorsEGG Bing, Bee and Bird Studio [蜂与鸟工作室] (Author)
Genre ComedyDramaFantasyHorrorMature Warning: Murder / Attempted Murder, Supernatural
Oblivion [First Impression]

Oblivion Summary

Ruo Rongyu is just an ordinary girl who wants a part-time job – except, of course, for her ability to see ghosts.

On a whim, she inquires at a mysterious shop, ‘House of Oblivion’, when a ghost suddenly accosts her.

After a mysterious white-haired boy saves her, Rongyu suddenly finds herself in an employment at this shop, sitting at the cusp of the living and the dead.

Oblivion [First Impression]
Oblivion’s female lead, Ruo Rongyu, can see ghosts.

She seems quite used to it, so she’s not even noticing she’s the only one who can see the store owner.

Turns out she actually went to the wrong place, but now she’s stuck working in that place. The story seems to be quite good, which is surprising for a manhua series.

I know I sound spiteful, but there’s so much trash manhua series out there it’s hard to find any gems.

In the shop she’s seeing a whole lot of ghosts wandering about and she’s wondering why that is.

One of them even attacks her, threatening to kill her if he’s not granted passage to the underworld.

All hell breaks lose, with two gods or something appearing and making short work of the ghost.

As luck will have, the store is actually not just a store. It’s more of a passage to the underworld, which explains all of the ghosts.

Final thoughts: Overall the story seems good, but it’s so confusing. There’s just too much information, too fast. It doesn’t seem like a bad story, though.

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