The Nuna at Our Office [1st Impression]

The Nuna At Our Office seems to be a mature story, seen from the perspective of a male character. It’s like seeing how our crush is seen from the perspective of someone else.

Alt TitlesMy Office Noona Story, My Office Noona’s Story, Office Noona, Our Office Story, The Story About My Office Noona, 年上姐姐的诱惑, 오피스 누나 이야기
CreatorsKIM Jane, 김자네 (Author/Adaption)
Palmeiro, 팔메이로 (Original Author)
Wasakbasak, 와삭바삭 (Artist)
LicensedYes, Official Simplified Chinese Translation, Official English Translation
AdaptedUnsure, probably a novel somewhere
GenreDramaRomanceSlice of Life

The Nuna At Our Office Summary

When Manager Son is being sent to a new department, his boring office life takes a sweet turn.

There, he meets Manager Ahn, an older colleague whose competence and charming aura leaves him in awe.

But as Manager Son grows closer to her, he realizes there’s more to her strong, independent front than meets the eye.

And soon enough, he begins to understand why office crushes can get complicated.

The Nuna At Our Office seems to be quite a good story, from what I’ve read so far.

I have only read a few chapters so far, but it seems to be a male oriented story, focusing on a man and his crush.

It’s not a bad story, but it’s interesting because I haven’t been reading a lot of stories from the male viewpoint. So if you don’t like those stories, this may not be a good thing.

The story seems to be focusing on office life and a team work, including the male character and female lead. I’m not sure why, but I’m getting “How I Met Your Mother” vibe.

In the beginning, our male lead reminisce about the past, including the nuna he met at the work place. He seems to have very fond memories of her.

I quite like the comedy aspects, including how he compares the team leader to various actresses. Including some not so SFW actresses.

As for the female lead, she’s having a child of her own. The male lead isn’t expecting this, so is quite stumped but I assume it’s not going affect their relationship in a negative way.

Final thoughts: Might be worth checking out, if you like office romance.

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