Happy Ending for the Time-Limited Villainess

The Villainess’s Days are Numbered [First Impression]

The Villainess’s Days are Numbered! is yet another historical isekai manga with similar plot to a thousand other manhwas.

Alt TitlesHappy ending for the villainess, Sihanbu agnyeoui haepiending,
Счастливый финал для временной злодейки, Счастливый финал для злодейки, 시한부 악녀의 해피엔딩, The Villainess’s Days are Numbered!, Happy Ending For The Time-Limited Villainess
CreatorsHarasyo [하라쇼], Ryuho [류호] (Author), Harasyo [하라쇼] (Artist)
Licensed?Yes, Tapas
NovelYes, English
GenreComedyDramaFantasyFirst ImpressionsHistoricalIsekai
The Villainess's Days Are Numbered [First Impression]

The Villainess’s Days Are Numbered Summary

I’ve been reborn as Clea Rino, the world’s most wicked villainess! Before her death, Clea made a deal with the Demon King to marry her true love, Isaac Detroi.

To get my life back, I must fulfill that contract for just six months. Guess I didn’t read the fine print, because her body is weak. I lose 1 HP with every step!

With time ticking, I’m signing over her family’s fortune for Isaac’s hand in marriage. It’s purely business, so why am I catching feelings? Who knew this villainess had a heart?

The Villainess's Days Are Numbered [First Impression]
So far there’s not a lot to read through in “The Villainess’s Days are Numbered!“.

We’re currently on two chapters, which is enough to establish the plot. We’ve also met the main characters and the looming threat above said main character(s). Unfortunately, it does very little to stand out.

In the first few pages we’re being introduced to countess Cleo Reno, the main character/villainess. Sporting red hair and green eyes, I can’t help but to feel she’s very similar to other isekai females occupying better stories.

We find out the main character (aka the person whose soul is occupying the body) is dead and she was murdered. Surprise surprise, and the body’s original owner was also murdered. Yet again, such a surprise.

However, for some reason the body’s owner made a wish with a demon king to get married within 6 months to her crush.

Of course, the main character occupying the body currently (she doesn’t even got a name), is offered a similar deal. Marry this guy and get transmigrated back to your world.

But there’s a catch! Your body is basically made of glass and you slowly die or something when you strain yourself.

The main male lead, Isaac Detroit, is a typical stoic man with a cold personality. He initially rejects the main character but due to her smooth talking and bribery, they agree to have a discussion.

Cleo then breaches the topic of contractual marriage and he gets pissed off at her.

All in all, the story features several tropes which is widely used in isekai manga series.

Unfortunately, it’s not utilized in a good way and the only motive for her to do this is to get back to her own world.

Although there’s definitely a good enough reason to want to return home to your time and world, it doesn’t have the same ring as leaving loved ones behind.

We literally know nothing about our main character except she has a bright future and recently got a new job. It hardly screams amazing life. Personally the reasoning falls short and the main character feels flat and one-dimensional.

Even the main male lead feels stereotypical of isekai comics. He shows compassion towards her, masking it in a veiled backhanded sentence, leaving her flustered. We know from this scene he’s probably not as bad as we’re being lead to believe.

The art style of the manhwa is doubtful. Although nothing too horrendous, I cannot say it’s extraordinary, either. Certain areas look awkward and leaves quite a bit to be desired.

Something that can be seen as interesting, but also has been done in the past is the use of showing the HP bar and “activating” certain mechanics to help the main character. Ironically, this was also done in a manhwa, with a villainess with red hair. At least she had blue eyes, so it’s not a straight copy.


Overall, I’d say you can leave this manhwa alone, since it doesn’t offer anything of value that hasn’t already been done before. However, since we only have two chapters to judge so far – it is possible it will become better, but I would probably wait to read it until a review has come out.

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