Nullitas ~The Counterfeit Bride~ [1st Impression]

Nullitas ~The Counterfeit Bride~ is featuring some really messed up plot points, including incest, r*pe and abuse.

Alt TitlesNulliitas: The Half-Blood Royalty, ヌリタス ~偽りの花嫁 ~ , 눌리타스: 절반의 백작 영애
CreatorsJezz (Author)
RITOU Harusumi, RITO Harusumi, りとう春墨 (Artist)
LicensedPocket Comics app
GenreMature Warning: Mental / Physical AbuseRape / Mentions of Rape, RomancePsychologicalDramaFantasyHistorical

Nullitas ~The Counterfeit Bride~ Summary

One day, a girl whose mother is raising her to be a boy experiences a drastic change to her world.

Our main character is a nameless boy, dreaming of becoming a knight. However, he is working as a servant for the famous Romagnolo Family.

When he turns 17 years old, the boy ends up facing his first monthly period. His mother tells him he’s not a boy, but a girl. The girl is Count Romagnolo’s Illegitimate child and her mother has been secretly raising her as a boy to protect her.

The count ends up using his illegitime daughter as a pawn. Instead of sending his daughter Maylene to marry, he’ll send his illegitimate daughter!

The child who is living 17 years without a name is now Nullitas. Her life as a servant is over and her new life is starting. However, the count’s love for her ends there as her name means “nothing”.

MU with editions from Otomenai
Nullitas ~The Counterfeit Bride~ is a horrible story, with all of the depravity you may not be expecting.

The female lead is the result of r*pe from the ruling count and even his own son shows s*xual interest in the female lead. Initially the son is berating and beating the FL, whom ends up with the name Nullitas.

It seems he can’t deal with his feelings and ends up abusing her, and it continues even when they find out they’re half-siblings.

Nullitas identity is eventually discovered t to be the daughter of the count and that fits nicely into his plans. Namely, she’s marrying a man instead of the count’s other daughter.

The training period ends up with our female lead having to suffer some disgusting abuse from her half-brother.

When he’s unable to get his way with her, he ends up abusing some poor maids instead. Not before beating Nullitas up and making her huddle on the floor.

All in all, the entire family truly sucks. Worse yet, if she doesn’t keep her identity a secret – her own mother, whom the count initially is r*ping, will be killed or injured.

The count’s wife is also a truly mess of an individual, but I can be understanding towards her situation. The husband she marries is a cheating bastard, and she can’t really take it out on him.

Definitely not justifying her behaviour but her anger has to go somewhere.

The actual plot itself isn’t unique, but the way it’s being portrayed just makes it all the more horrible. There’s definitely trigger warnings here for both r*pe, mental and physical abuse (including portrayals of it), incest and more.

Final thoughts: Don’t even bother reading this story if you dislike any of the above in a plot. The story doesn’t show a lot of graphic details, but there’s some hints towards what’s happening.

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