I Can No Longer Pretend I Don’t See It [1st Impression]

I Can No Longer Pretend I Don’t See It isn’t that promising, so far. The art and plot are half-decent, at best.

Alt TitlesCan’t Pretend To Be Blind Anymore, 더는 못 본 척하지 않기로 했다, I Decided Not to Pretend I Don’t See It Anymore  
CreatorsDama (Author)
Yulbi (Author)
Lee Jaehyun  (Artist)
GenreDramaFantasy,  Historical,  Mature WarningMental / Physical Abuse, RomanceTime Travel
I Can No Longer Pretend I Don't See It [1st Impression]

I Can No Longer Pretend I Don’t See It Summary

I realized after going back in time. My husband who has an affair had an affair again, and the woman he has an affair with appears in front of me again.

Also, I don’t have much time left to live.

“ Let’s get a divorce.”

“ …What”

“ I don’t have a single penny to give you, so take out everything I bought you and leave. Hey, I mean everything. That’s including your underwear too.”

“ Why are you suddenly doing this?”

“ Suddenly?” I had a twisted smile on my face. I always knew he was a shameless person, but this is a bit too much.

“ You should know that more than me, you sex-crazed bastard.”

I Can No Longer Pretend I Don't See It [1st Impression]
Our female lead is living in denial, thinking it’s “normal” how her husband brings in a woman to teach chess.

She’s a pushover, to say the least. Then she dies but is given a new chance at her life, which obviously means she’s going to divorce her cheating husband.

I must say I don’t like the character too much, probably due to the plot itself. It seems her husband has been berating her and pushing her self-esteem to the ground. She even thinks she’s fat, so body dysmorphia or anorexia, yet she’s cured by hating her husband!

Imagine if it was that easy to cure mental illness, just hate someone and you’re cured. Furthermore, she’s quite plain, like she has little to no personality except being upset and angry at her husband.

I Can No Longer Pretend I Don't See It [1st Impression]
As for the husband, he’s the typical type of male sh*tbag we see in all of these stories.

He has no good qualities so he’s just a cheating @sshole and thus beyond redemption.

Of course, when our female lead ends up showing interest in divorce he changes his tune and goes after her! Or something like that, just blegh on this story.

It seems the one with the most character and urgency to her plot is the “villain” aka the mistress. At least she’s trying to gain something, although with quite questionable methods.

You know a story is bad when you sympathies with the villainess and not the female lead!

Not to mention the art, which is half-decent at best. The female character looks like she has a constant slouch and the movements look awkward.

Final thoughts: Just skip this one and read something else. It’s not good enough to be bothered with.

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