No Longer A Heroine!

No Longer A Heroine! [Manhwa – First Impression]

No Longer A Heroine! is a sad story about what happens when you’ve had enough of fame and expectations placed upon you.

Alt TitlesDisqualified as a Heroine!, Disqualified From Being a Heroine!, HER SECRET!, Yeoju Silgyeok!, Yeojusilgyeog!, 여주실격!
CreatorsMaenggi Ki/Gi Meng-gi (기맹기)
LicensedYes, Webtoons (English) – Japanese Translation, Simplified Chinese Translation, Traditional Chinese Translation,  French Translation, Indonesian Translation
Release2021 (English), 2019 (Korean)
No Longer A Heroine!

A word of warning about “No Longer A Heroine!”, this manhwa features references to self-destructive behaviour. This includes both drinking, smoking, using drugs, sex sponsorships and so on.

Lisa Cheon was being hailed as a perfect actress. That is until she was caught up in a drug scandal and promised to never return to the celebrity scene. She ended up quitting.

In the process, she cut off the only person who ever showed her kindness without wanting anything from her. In the synopsis, it says the manhwa will show her way back into the limelight.

I think many of us have felt overwhelmed by the responsibility and hope some people have put on us. It’s hard to please everyone, even more so when you’re constantly being criticised by others publicly.

You can’t act a certain way without being judged, whether or not that’s in a good or bad way. I think the manhwa is highly relevant to any celebrity life, but especially those of Korean pop stars.

With Lisa’s deteriorating mental health, she suffers alone and makes bad choices. She knows she’s doing wrong but she just reached her breaking point.

She breaks up with her boyfriend, is involved into a dating scandal and soon thereafter goes for alcohol and drugs. It’s sad, but if people saw the real person behind the image, they’d realized what was going on.

We’ve not come far enough to see how Lisa is going to be dealing with coming back to the world. We’ve been seeing what caused her to be shunned by everyone in the first place.

So far I can sympathies greatly with her and other idols, involved in similar scandals that can ruin their entire career. I think we’re going to see a more positive future for Lisa, but it will surely be difficult for her.

Being a celebrity is a scary thing, for sure!

Recommendation: Read if you can handle some tough subjects.

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