I Have No Health [1st Impression]

I Have No Health is another isekai story, but with focus lying on a weak and powerless character. Destined to die, our protagonist is mildly terrified of being transmigrated into the sickly side-character’s body.

Alt TitlesI Am Not Healthy, 건강이 없습니다
CreatorsLEE Haron, 이하론 (Author)
Vanilla (Artist)
AdaptedProbably from Novel
I Have No Health [1st Impression]

I Have No Health Summary

I woke up in the body of Ninaina, the weakest of weak supporting characters, who was fated to die once winter came!

With stamina so weak that it’s hard to take walks, eat, or even stand – let alone exercise – I am facing a tragic life full of assassination attempts by my grandfather…

“I will definitely recover my health!”

“Kaiser” whose eyes are as cold as ice, comes to Ninaina’s side after receiving the order that he has to keep Ninaina alive and protects her.

“You will not die. For now.”

I Have No Health [1st Impression]
I Have No Health starts off with the typical isekai stuff, including a person supposedly dying within a certain time period.

However, in this story there’s no “bad guy” aiming to kill her – she’s just frail.

With her transmigration into the body of the side-character Ninaina, our female lead begins to become healthy. She forces food down, takes tonics and medicine and even walks for the first time in ages. She’s a real fighter, which I find really lovely to read about.

I quite like how the story also focuses on many things our female lead is struggling with, including eating. She has been unable to hold her own spoon for years, so it’s a real struggle.

I absolutely love the maids, which are loveable human beings.

They’re celebrating she walks on her own, tossing a party for her. They’re also super excited for her eating a full meal on her own!

Our male lead apparently has a fear of germs and our female lead ends up coughing straight into his face. So you can imagine how great that relationship starts out.

I absolutely love the art, especially closeups of our main character’s eyes. Her eyelashes are gorgeous!

Final thoughts: I’m really liking this one. Can’t wait for it to be officially licensed so more people can enjoy it!

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