Nine [Manhwa - First Impression]

Nine [Manhwa – First Impression]

Nine is a time-travelling story which makes very little sense right now. Hopefully the plot clears as we read on, but I’m hesitant to continue reading!

Alt Titles나인, Nine: Nine Time Travels, Nine: Time Traveling Nine Times, 나인: 아홉 번의 시간여행
CreatorsLEE Eum-sae [이음새], SONG Jae-jeong [송재정 ] (Author)
HANA [하나] (Artist)
Adapted Inspired by KDrama Nine, 송재정 (SONG Jae-jeong) was screenwriter
GenreDramaReversal of TimeRomanceSchool LifeSlice of LifeSupernatural
Nine [Manhwa - First Impression]

Nine Summary

Seol-Ah’s future has been changed completely by the nine incenses. Seol-Ah had been living all by herself, but now her mother has come back to life. She even has a step-father now.

When everything seemed perfect, she bumps into her first love Junyoung Seo, who is now her brother.

Nine starts out with our female protagonist, Seol-Ah, filming a vlog.

Awkward as she is, she manages to film her crush (I assume) and his fame explodes. He starts behaving differently, as if their relationship is coming to an end.

She manages to find some incense and sleeps with it lit, only to be transported into the future? Without the synopsis, the story makes literally no sense.

So far I don’t fully get the plot, but the story seems a bit long-drawn out. Of course, I bet it will change as the story progresses. Our female heroine previously lived with her grandmother and now her mother is suddenly alive.

Nine [Manhwa - First Impression]
I’m not sure what happens afterward, but I can guess it might be interesting.

Oh and there’s a random person walking into her bedroom, is that her mother? They look similar, but what do I know.

The synopsis also mentions her crush will come back in the shape of her brother, so that ought to be interesting. I hope he’ll end up as a step-brother otherwise it’ll be a bit awkward.

As for the Korean drama this manhwa was inspired by, that synopsis read as following:

The science fiction / romance series is about a man who finds nine magical incense sticks allowing him to travel 20 years back in time.

He attempts to keep his family safe in order to change the world he lives in today. However, this is not without consequences as his actions in the past affects the lives of many in the present, including his.


Recommendation: Might be worth checking out! I wasn’t able to read many chapters so I’m not fully sure how the story will go but it seems interesting.

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