Clouds in the night sky

Clouds in the night sky [First Impression]

Clouds In The Night Sky is a reverse isekai where a gaming character comes to our world to wreak some havoc. How do we send him back?

Alt TitlesBamhaneure Gureumun, 夜空之云, 밤하늘에 구름운
CreatorsKyeonji [Gyeon Ji, 见指] (Author)
Greeon  [greeon14, Grion, 그리온] (Artist)
LicensedNot in English, Official Chinese Translation
GenreActionDrama, IsekaiRomance, Fantasy, Supernatural
Clouds In The Night Sky [First Impression]

Clouds In The Night Sky Summary

NPC Cho Nakwoon from a failed game, Sword Wind Online, appears in Seo Yoona’s normal life. What’s going to happen now?!

Romance with an NPC

Clouds In The Night Sky [First Impression]
Our female lead is pretty boring and with no real talents. She has no real interests either, except gaming. In the past, she was playing the game Sword Wind Online, but it was sadly shut down.

Coinciding with the game being shut down, a random man appears on the streets. He claims his name is Nakwoon and he’s from the Sword Wind Online’s world.

Despite being in the world, he still maintains the powers he was having in the game. Our female lead, Seo Yoona, experiences this first handed when he attacks a senior from her school.

So far I’m not sure how much I’m liking the manhwa. Although I do like the idea behind it, I have a hard time wrapping my head around the plot. There’s very little urgency and she seems more content just arguing about how Nakwoon is wrong about things.

It’s disappointing how poorly the gaming representation is in this manhwa. Not everyone gaming look like hot potatoes, and it’s quite bothersome seeing the stereotype being re-hashed constantly.

Likewise, we’ve additional drama from a rapey-guy from the gaming club she’s been looking into for information.

It’s so annoying and typical to see that type of guy in these stories. I get it happens in real life and all, but it’s just an annoying addition in this story. He even look like a guy who does that sort-of thing frequently!

Overall I’m not hating the story, but I’m unsure how I feel about it. Nakwoon is hot but Seo Yoona is kind of meh, although she’s trying her best to figure out what’s going on.

The story has some pretty decent jokes, but nothing too funny or ground-breaking. One of the jokes were at least quite funny, although I doubt we’ll see more of those jokes in the future.

Recommendation: Can’t say if it’s a hit or miss yet, but I’m not liking it enough to continue.

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