Vampire Next Door [1st Impression]

Vampire Next Door is a funny story, with a variety of characters interacting with each other. It’s a romance comic, but it definitely has some comedy aspects.

Alt TitlesSillim Vampire, 신림동 뱀파이어
CreatorsKisun,  Giseon, Ги Сон, 기선
LicensedYes, Pocket Comics
AdaptedUnsure, probably not
Genre ComedyDramaRomanceSlice of LifeSupernatural

Vampire Next Door Summary

Nana Jeong, a new tenant in My Home Flat located in Sillim-dong.

Her grandmother is a skilled shaman, but Nana doesn’t have the ability to see ghosts and she hates superstition.

Because she likes good-looking guys so much, she goes out with a lot of weird guys. She comes to her senses, decides to begin her new life and gets a room in a flat.

Then, she falls for Cheolsu, a good-looking resident next door. She gets very affectionate towards Cheolsu, and he says something shocking.

“Actually, I’m a vampire”

Jesus, am I supposed to believe that?!

Next Door
Vampire Next Door has a lot of comedy aspects to it, but some of the jokes are borderline racist.

Not anything super bad, but it’s definitely a bit cringeworthy.

The female lead ends up falling in love with one of her roommates, a super good looking guy named Cheolsu. When she musters up the courage to kiss him, he ends up vomiting. Talk about killing the mood, no?

I’m not loving the art, but it’s not bad overall. It’s not exactly ground-breaking and feels comic-y, like manhwa series from that time period usually are.

I quite like the story, overall. The dorm has multiple personalities living there, not all of them too likable. Our female lead is pretty much a typical heroine, which isn’t saying a lot.

It seems the female lead’s family are cursed, which means all of the men they meet are going to mean misfortune for the females. Thus, her mother is having an on-off relationship with a man and her sister is just not bothering.

Final thoughts; I definitely think this could be worth checking out, since it’s quite fun.

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