The new recruit [Recommendation]

The New Recruit is quite a cute yaoi story about two people working closely in the same office. Sparks soon fly between them.

Alt TitlesNhân Viên Mới, Nuevo empleado, 新进职员, 신입사원, The New Employee  
CreatorsMoscareto [모스카레토] (Author)
Zec [Jeky, 제크, Зэк, Че Кхы, ゼック, Je Keu] (Author & Artist)
LicensedYes, Official English (All-Age)
AdaptedNo clue
GenreDramaMature Warning: Drugs / AlcoholSmut, Shounen Ai/ Yaoi,
The New Recruit [Recommendation]

The New Recruit Summary

I’m dating my super strict boss!

After spending his 20s getting over a crush, Seunghyun vows to never give his heart to someone in the same field again.

Enter Jongchan, Seunghyun’s tough new boss with a surprising soft side. Will Seunghyun’s first job and first relationship be a success?
The New Recruit [Recommendation]
The New Recruit is definitely an explicit story, but on Manta you can only read the safe for work version.

For better or for worse, it gives the relationship between our male leads a softer tone.

Seunghyun starts working as an intern at a company and he slowly starts impressing the boss, Jongchan.

I find it a bit unlikely everyone will be homosexual at an office, but it seems to be a common trope in these BL/Yaoi stories. Regardless, our male lead is eventually developing some feelings for his boss, and the boss for him.

Their dates and the care between them is quite cute, but Jongchan is definitely made out to be the more dominant in the relationship.

The New Recruit [Recommendation]
It’s not hard to see why, since Seunghyun is comparable to a cute puppy.

I’m not sure how I’m feeling about that comparison, since it cheapens someone’s character but since it’s a comic it’s passable.

Normally people will say that in an effort to put others down and gain the upper hand over them.

Thankfully the story is pretty good even without the s*xual stuff, so even if you’re reading it on manta you’re not exactly losing a lot of plot. Overall it seems like it’s a good story.

I think the actual story is done, we’re just waiting on the side story to have the full release.

Final thoughts: It’s a good story to read with or without the s*x parts. I’m quite liking their relationship growth and how they get to know each other.

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