My Red String of Fate

My Red String of Fate [First Impression]

My Red String of Fate seems to be quite an unimaginative plot. Focus lies on the protagonist having to rely on the male lead to survive.

Alt TitlesBeware of the Red Thread, Bulgeun Sireul Josimhaseyo, 紅線出沒請小心, 붉은 실을 조심하세요
CreatorsCHEON Jian [CHEON Ji An, Cheon-jian,천지안] (Authors)
SHIN Ji-Sang [SHIN Chi-sang, SHIN Ji-Shang, Shin Soo-mi, SHIN Su-mi, シン ジサン, 申旨翔, 辰旨翔, 신수미, 신지상] (Authors)
Cumin [큐민] (Artist)
LicensedYes, TappytoonCopin ComicsManta, Lezhin –  Traditional ChineseFrench
AdaptedYes, Novel
GenreAction, , DramaFantasyHistoricalIsekaiMature Warning: Murder, Gore,  RomanceSupernatural
My Red String Of Fate [First Impression]

My Red String Of Fate Summary

After getting pulled into a novel, Leann lives her life as a priestess in a temple, while healing people who are tangled up in red strings. The red string is a death flag that slowly ruins the body and brings you closer to death.

And other than the main protagonist, Leann is the only one who can see and remove them. But when she heals an injured man on the street, the red string of fate connects the two of them together, and there is no way of removing it!

To make matters worse, the man she is connected to happens to be the worst villain in the novel, Abell!

Can she escape from him and live a peaceful life without hindering the original story of the novel?

My Red String Of Fate [First Impression]
My Red String Of Fate has an interesting premise, although the red strings of fate have been used previously. Yet I don’t think it’s been used to tell if someone is close to death, only if they’re meant to be together in a romantic sense.

Leann is stuck with the male protagonist since they have a red string connecting them to each other. This is a good enough reason to follow him, but I hate how dominating he is. He gets pissed off and wants to kill people simply because they’re talking to her.

The story is quite typical of isekai stories. The protagonist, Leann, doesn’t want to mess up the novel’s original plot. Of course she ends up doing that anyway, also quite typical. Likewise all the male leads who are supposed to fall in love with the original protagonist now fall in love with Leann.

My Red String Of Fate [First Impression]
What I did like about the story was the world. It was quite interesting with monsters, including spider monsters, Shinigami and so on. I’ve only seen this in “My Husband Hides His Beauty”, but it’s an interesting concept.

Now, the romance is quite shallow and uninspired. The male lead seems to keep her close because he doesn’t want her to die and thus him dying, too.

Yet it soon develops into some possessiveness we’re supposed to believe is love. Infatuation I can believe, but love? Nah. Same thing with Leann, she seems fine with the possessiveness since the guy is hot. I understand caring for someone since they’re humanoid, but not to the point you confuse it with love.

Recommendation: The story isn’t anything special, but if you can find it for cheap then it might be worth checking it out. I wouldn’t expect a lot from this one, though.

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