My one and only

My one and only [First Impression]

My One And Only starts out peculiar enough. Apparently our male lead is a half-wolf and our female is now his mate.

Alt Titles너하나만, Neohanaman, Only You
CreatorsChantal, G. Seasoning (Author)
Junseng [Junsaeng, 준생] (Artist)
LicensedYes, Pocket Comics.  Indonesian
GenreComedy, DramaFantasy, RomanceSlice of Life
My One And Only [First Impression]

My One And Only Summary

Arim was returning home after work, drunk and wasted when a handsome man appears in front of her and introduces himself as a “Werewolf”.

He asks Arim if he can stay in her house for a while. Due to this wolfman’s request, Arim and Ten begin their dynamic cohabitation.

The gorgeous werewolf, Ten, is attracted to Arim’s scent and chooses her as his “mate”.

Arim teaches Ten about the human culture and society and starts feeling some kind of warmth in her heart when she spends time with him.

Will Arim eventually fall in love with Ten?

My One And Only [First Impression]
My initial reaction is that Arim should skip the booze. She’s so drunk she’s a danger for herself and she doesn’t care if she invites a random man inside her home. Easy way for someone to kill/rape you, or both.

Right before meeting Ten, she accidentally empties her entire purse on the street. Did I see wrong or is that the arm of an octopus? The male lead comments about everything in her purse until he reaches a very specific item….

Thankfully once they’re inside, he settles for giving her a kiss when she passes out (creepy enough). Once she wakes up, she’s feeling confused why the hell there’s a guy in the house with her.

He later on confesses to being some type of half-wolf/werewolf and her scent is delicious to him. He proclaims he wants her to be her mate.

My One And Only [First Impression]
During the night out, Arim’s colleague gives her the condom as a joke.

However, I’m getting the feeling the colleague actually really likes Arim and is upset. Especially since she makes it seem she end up with a boyfriend because of the condom. Of course, that’s not what happens but since she’s not really clarifying it is how it appears.

Anyway, Arim is apparently some type of scientist or whatnot. Which I assume explains the fancy house and nice car she has. Yet, she’s not so well-off she can just shop whatever she wants. So Ten steps in and buys her a nice coat. I have no clue where he got the money, but I suppose that’s a trade secret.

My One And Only [First Impression]
Although our male lead, Ten, seems innocent, he’s not in regards of the sexual deeds.

He suggests they use a condom together, and comments he’s not a child. So he seems to know how to do the deed and he wants to do it with Arim.

So far the chapters feel very short but at least the story is progressing quickly, maybe a bit too quickly. Although I suppose the author will give us red herrings and cliffhangers to keep us interested in the story.

I’m not hating the story but I’m not a huge fan. Despite that, it is kind of funny and I can totally see why there’s people reading it. Arim is such a lightweight with alcohol, too. She literally falls asleep kissing Ten.

Shame on you Arim!

Recommendation: if you like a story with some mature themes and smutty mood, this could be for you!

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