As You Wish My Lady

As You Wish, My Lady [First Impression]

I’m so-so invested in “As You Wish My Lady”, but I’m still very curious about the relationship in it. The main character seems to be pretty weak.

Alt TitlesAs the Lady Wishes, As You Wish My Lady, 아가씨 뜻대로, Agassi Tteutdaero  
CreatorsYOO Song Joo  (Author) / Blanc Fika [블랑피카] (Artist)
LicensedYes, TappyToon
NovelYes, Korean
GenreDrama, PsychologicalRomanceSlice of Life, Mature WarningSuicide

Summary of “As You Wish My Lady”

In this modern twist on a fairytale romance, Hyun Eunseo was adopted by a wealthy conglomerate family at the age of seven.

She was treated like a princess from childhood, but Jinha, the calm and composed youngest son of her adoptive parents, had always been particularly devoted to her.

When Eunseo’s grandfather collapses, his grandsons find themselves competing to win over her heart–which is also the key to inheriting the family business empire.

She knows Jinha is the best candidate to be her Prince Charming, but she struggles with a lingering attachment to her childhood friend, and Jinha’s cousin, Seungyeon.

Will the wicked members of her family succeed in ruining her life and love?

Or, can Eunseo realize the difference between duty and desire?

As You Wish My Lady
I have ready what happens in the story, so I’m not going to continue this one. Basically, if you think certain stories are over the top, this is so much worse.

Our protagonist, Eunseo is basically acting like a doll, going along with what her grandfather says. She doesn’t seem to have any spunk to tell about her feelings. She just seems like a really shallow character without any real personality.

Eventually something happens in the story and she’ll gets blamed hardcore for it – to the point it’s hard to imagine it happening in real life. The story has all kinds of emotional abuse happening from every member of the family.

Of course, the story before everything hits the fan isn’t any better. I feel like Eunseo is a very confused young woman who has no knowledge what she really wants to do.

Whatever she’s strung along with, that’s what she’ll do. She’s easily being manipulated and it’s only by sheer luck she’s not ending up marrying some creep.

I just can’t get behind her as a main character. On the other hand, Jinha is bloody creepy. The manhwa is really framing him as he’s some type of crazed psycho that will abuse her in the future. Even other relatives speak of Jinha in a way you think he murdered someone or will murder someone.

Considering all the misunderstandings and drama, this would probably turn into a nice Korean drama. It certainly has all the tropes necessary for it!

Recommendation: I’m going to drop this since it’s not my type of story. It’s very heavy on drama, misunderstandings and family relationships. If you like that, you may end up enjoying this.

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