Oh, Be Patient My Lady! [First Impression]

Oh, Be Patient My Lady! seems like an interesting fantasy story, with dragons and magic. Our female lead is money-motivated and smart!

Alt Titles아, 쫌 참으세요, 영주님, Ah, Hang on a Little Longer, My Lord, Oh Be Patient My Lady!, Patience My Lady! (official title)
CreatorsDaybook [Authors]
Shrimp Sushi (새우초밥) [Artist]
LicensedYes, Tappytoon
AdaptedUnsure, probably novel
Oh, Be Patient My Lady! [First Impression]

Oh, Be Patient My Lady! Summary

Rose is the landlord of the dominion of ‘White’, a small and poor land.

She gets along with her citizens and living a quaint, favourable life until foreign migrants keep increasing and she gets involved in some odd situations?!

The lively, entertaining, romance, fantasy story of a super OP landlord Rose and Yggdrasil, the grand sorcerer who wants to hide her away and protect her!

Oh, Be Patient My Lady! [First Impression]
In Oh, Be Patient My Lady!, our female lead is having a strange dream where she promises to give everything to a mysterious man.

In return, he’ll do his absolute best towards her, or something along those lines.

The man is clearly her guardian, butler and more from her current life, Yggdrasil. The man is also a great wizard, who has been alive for hundreds of years.

In fact, her ancestors agrees to pay him half of the estate’s earnings, that’s how important he is for the White family.

Without him, the area where our protagonist lives would have been a cold wasteland. In other words, uninhabitable for everyone except maybe dragons.

Oh, Be Patient My Lady! [First Impression]
Thanks to him, they’re able to grow produce and live a decent life, despite the horrible winter-landscape.

She also has her mind set on making more money, thus imparting some good restrictions on the people coming to the area.

Because of the restrictions, they’re going to be forced to buy items in the region which will increase the coffers of the estate.

In other words, our female lead is quite a good leader and merchant, mostly because she wants the money. Then again, who doesn’t want money?

She has guidance from the dragon wizard, but she seems to come up with great ideas on her own, too.

Final thoughts: The story seems to have a decent FL and ML. Thankfully it seems the story isn’t a re-hashing of the same old isekai-trope or time reversal with revenge.

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