My Investor is A Vampire [1st Impression]

My Investor Is A Vampire is a story where our female lead tries to start up a business. However, the investor is doing some immoral actions to make her his.

Alt TitlesWo De Tou Zi Ren Shi Xi Xue Gui, Wǒ De Tóu Zī Rén Shì Xī Xuè Guǐ, 我的投资人是吸血鬼
CreatorsTianma Hutong, 天马胡同, Tiānmǎ hútòng (Author)
snapstudio (Artist)
Genre DramaRomanceSlice of LifeSupernatural, Adult
My Investor Is A Vampire

My Investor Is A Vampire Summary

The company of the entrepreneur Zhao Man Man was in serious deficit.

She initially wanted to search for a job that can resolve the problem of having enough food and warm clothes after applying for bankruptcy.

Unexpectedly, her investor, Xiao Ce, suddenly confessed to her and expressed that he would do his best to help her raise funds.

Zhao Man Man was happy and worried as it was difficult to determine whether the handsome and rich Xiao Ce, is sincere or if he is playing with her……

My Investor Is A Vampire is a manhua series where the focus is on a female, trying to start up a business.

Her two initial investments fails and her business is looking like it’s heading towards the brink.

The male lead technically wants her business to fail, because he wants to hire her or something. However, he agrees to give her another shot and she’s going to try working to get an approval from him.

Overall I do like the story, but I’m not sure about the story. The art is decent and I do like the story so far, but I don’t know where it’s going.

The story seems to be decent, I’m mostly curious about the male lead. He seems like a big bad @ss, but is he really like that? Maybe he’s actually a cuddle bug?

Who knows, our female lead doesn’t know his true nature, either.

Final thoughts: As manhuas come, it’s pretty decent. I’m not hating the story and it may be worth reading if you got nothing else to do.

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