I’m in Trouble Because My Husband Is So Cute [1st Impression]

I’m In Trouble Because My Husband Is So Cute seems very similar to The Little Princess and Her Monster Prince, but that may just be my thoughts.

Alt Titles내 남편이 너무 귀여워서 곤란하다, Nae Nampyeoni Neomu Gwiyeowoseo Gonlanhada
CreatorsRana, 라나 (Author)
Verbin, 버빈 (Artist)
GenreActionDramaFantasyHistoricalMature Warning: Gore/bloodMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted MurderPsychologicalRomanceSupernatural
I'm In Trouble Because My Husband Is So Cute [1st Impression]

I’m In Trouble Because My Husband Is So Cute Summary

‘I’m sad just to be reincarnated with a dirt spoon, and I have to marry because of debt instead.’

Besides, the person who is going to be my husband is the Heir Apparent of Duke Hessenweitz, from the horrifying rumors!

“A monster doesn’t deserve good treatment.”

However, in the castle of the duke, I saw my young husband being abused for being a monster.

I felt pitiful for my young husband and he was like a younger brother, so I’m trying to be a little nicer to him…

“You are my miracle and my salvation.”

…I wasn’t expecting this kind of reaction at all?


“If I had a daughter who resembles my wife, she would be like you!”

No, why are you doing this to me? Even the father-in-law who has a bad temper?

Can I survive this duke’s castle safely?

My Husband
I’m In Trouble Because My Husband Is So Cute features the same author as the one behind Sierra.

As for this story, it’s really similar to the story of The Little Princess and Her Monster Prince, for reasons I shall delve into soon.

I must say I am liking the story more than “Monster Prince”, namely because the male lead is actually older. The story is feeling quite rushed, though, and he does come out his bubble a bit too quickly.

If he’s been suffering abuse for years and years, I doubt he’s bouncing back after just a few months, or days even. Despite him having help of a pretty girl.

However, I am liking the relationship between our female and male lead. They’re cute as children and even more adorable as adults. He’s still quite jealous of her and other men, which is something to expect, I guess.

As for similarities between the “Monster Prince” and this story, they’re quite basic ones.

Our two male leads are hated by their parents (ish) and more or less ostracized by society. In comes the female lead, ready to stir the pot and make things right!

They stand up for their partner and takes their sides in all matters, which changes the public perception of them.

Likewise, the male lead gains courage and starts standing up for their spouse!

Not to mention, both are young when the story starts – thus they’re growing up together. Their relationship is at a disadvantage, with the male lead fearing the female lead will disappear or start hating them.

Those are just a few of the similarities I’m seeing, based on just a few chapters.

However, I am liking this story more than “Monster Prince”. In “Monster Prince” it’s just too much cutesy stuff going on and I just can’t get into it properly.

The relationship is quite good between them and I like their dynamics.

However, the plot does feel a bit rushed and progresses too quickly for my liking.

As for the art, I both like it and dislike it. Our female lead is drawn quite beautifully, but the male lead is lacking somewhat. I’m not sure if it’s the artist’s inability to draw males or something else is causing the issues.

So the art is mediocre overall, despite some moments looking quite beautiful.

There’s just something which is throwing me off, but I can’t fully understand what… It may be how some characters look quite “stocky” despite supposedly being swordsmen.

Final thoughts: Overall, it’s worth checking out but I’m not fully loving it as much as I was expecting. Don’t expect a lot and enjoy it as a corny romance, with wholesome moments.

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