My Hammer Girl

My Hammer Girl [First Impression]

“My Hammer Girl” started crazy with a fight between sisters and a stall owner dying. Only, he came back to life like nothing happened.

Alt TitlesOh My Hammer!, 我的铁锤少女
CreatorsThe Door Of Truth [真理の扉]
GenreActionComedyDramaSlice of Life
My Hammer Girl [First Impression]

My Hammer Girl Summary

A girl armed with a hammer that has fallen from the sky? This time the one who crossed over from another world is?

A hammer straight to the head! The male protagonist is dead?!

My Hammer Girl [First Impression]

The story starts out with a big boom and two sisters are fighting to kill each other, or something. One of the sisters opens a portal and the other sister’s hammer flies into our world. Where it ends up hitting a stall owner who obviously dies.

Or does he? Apparently he’s alive but has no memory of what happened in the morning. The policemen or orderlies guarding the university grounds freak out when they see him. Since you know, they were chasing him when he got a hammer to his head.

Unfortunately the chapters are pretty short but the content we get is at least decent. The extra characters are stylized quite differently and in a “humorous” fashion.

We have yet to see the sisters from the first chapter for the few first one, so I’m curious what the hell they are doing. They accidentally killed someone and just went “oops”?

I’m quite surprised I’m not disliking the story, because this isn’t my cup of tea. Yet, I find it oddly funny and refreshing to read.

Recommendation: Overall not a bad story, may have some potential to it.

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