My Ex, Client [Recommendation]

My Ex, Client [Recommendation]

My Ex, Client  is a comedic romance story, which sadly has a quite rushed ending. Had it been allow to blossom fully, it would have been better.

Alt TitlesBạn Trai Cũ, Khách Hàng Của Tôi, Lord and Me, My Ex’s Client, Oh My Boss, 「錢」男友的逆襲, 主様と私, 温柔的占有, 주님과 나
CreatorsKANG Haera [강해라, Kang Hera, Hera Kang, Haera Kang] (Author)
KIM Sujin [JIN-I, Kang E Jin, Kim Soo Jin, Kotobuki Shin, Sujin Kim, Ким Су Чжин, 寿シン(コトブキシン), 金秀真, 강이진] (Artist)
LicensedYes, NetComicsTappytoonMangaToonMantaPocket ComicsJapaneseSimplified ChineseTraditional Chinese
GenreComedyDramaMature Warning: SuicideRomanceShoujo Ai / YuriSlice of Life
My Ex, Client  [Recommendation]

My Ex, Client Summary from MU

Jihyo is an Account Executive at a mid-size ad firm. Jegook is Jihyo’s ex-boyfriend who shows up one day as a very important client.

Jihyo tries to avoid working for Jegook, but the client is too important for her company that she has no way to escape. What does he want from Jihyo?!

My Ex, Client  [Recommendation]
My Ex, Client is quite typical when push comes to shove. There’s plenty of shoujo tropes in the story to please any shoujo addict. Yet, the story clearly features some more difficult topics such as divorce, suicide and living for yourself.

Jihyo is definitely a complex character, who decides to break up with her boyfriend to pursue her career. The breakup is obviously tough for both of them, but more for Jegook who couldn’t quite let her go.

Sadly the story features several plot points that are left undeveloped or just trails off. Jihyo’s lesbian friend confesses to liking her, which isn’t a shock for Jihyo. She knew all along that she was liking her, but never mentioned anything.

Despite that, we don’t really see anything else from her. She was seeing another woman earlier in the story, but it’s like they forgot that. It’s sad she wasn’t more developed, but instead just used as a means for a love triangle/square.

Jegook also got a childhood friend, who does what most jealous females seem to do; cause ruckus. She lies and tells Jihyo she slept with Jegook, all to make Jihyo lose face. Thankfully, Jihyo doesn’t cause a scene but she’s definitely feeling anxious about it.

My Ex, Client  [Recommendation]
In reality, it’s not true and the woman is just spiteful. She’s acting like a petulant child to get what she wants.

It’s really annoying to see, although she does end up becoming more grounded eventually. I just can’t help but to feel like she’s clinging to her new man similarly to how she was clinging to Jegook.

Truth be told, the last few chapters feels rushed. And from the notes from the artist – they were. I’m not one for dragged out plots, but I would have like to see some more development.

We’re being introduced to characters, told what happened in the past and that’s it. Had the story been more fleshed out, maybe it could have told the story of these people. As well as how their futures would end up becoming, because some characters were pretty decent.

I admire Jihyo for believing in what she does, and not thumbing on her principals. Her work is important for her, but she also love Jegook. So she tries to come up with a compromise to sate his mother. Had she not, I just assume she would have left her job. Which is quite sad, but we never got that far, thankfully.

Recommendations: Overall I was enjoying this story quite a bit, but like I previously wrote… it’s rushed. That being said, I still think it’s worth checking out. Especially if you like romance with an office twist, you may just really like this one.

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