Breed My Dear Enemy [First Impression]

Breed My Dear Enemy is an isekai manhua, starting off with an assault team member admiring ancient Chinese books.

Alt TitlesGuiding a Rival to Become the Emperor, How to Raise an Enemy, Our Binding Love: My Gentle Tyrant, Raising the Enemy Only Brings Trouble, Yang Di Wei Huan, 养敌为患, 强制欢宠:我的温柔暴君, 転移お嬢様は導きたい, 악당이지만 남주를 키웠습니다
CreatorsFengyuziran [Fēng Yǔ Zìrán, Wind And Nature, 风与自然] (Author)
Boyi Animation [Bo Yi Chuang Wei Dongman, Boyi Comics, Boyi Dongman, BYdongman, Бо И Чуан Вэй Дунмань, 博易创为, 博易动漫], Daoshang Project [Island Project, Island Projects, Morel, 岛上Project, 漫画岛] (Artists)
LicensedYes, Copin ComicsINKR ComicsTapasOfficial Japanese Translation
My Dear Enemy

Breed My Dear Enemy Summary

Ye Mu transfers into a novel where she becomes a daughter of a general and his concubine.

Her goal? Get rid of the male lead, make this world collapse, and get back to the real world!

But when she faces him as a child, she can’t help but feel sorry for that skinny little boy.

Now she has to move on to Plan B: raise him well and use his powers in the future!

My Dear Enemy
Breed My Dear Enemy’s art is really pretty, with nice colours and lines. I’m really liking it so far!

The basic idea is pretty simple, with the whole being sent into a different world and into the past.

I find the aspect of her turning into a child quite interesting, since she maintains her adult intelligence. Her confidence and intelligent allows her to manipulate others quite easily.

So far I can’t fully understand the plot, but I know the female lead need the male lead in order to return home. Or something like that, although I’m not fully sure what’s going on.

The female lead’s father isn’t a super nice guy, either. He threatens his daughter when she tries to save the male lead from a pervert. I find her actions admirable.

Recommendation: I’m not loving the story, but it doesn’t seem to be too bad.

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