how to get rid of my dark past [First Impression]

How To Get Rid Of My Dark Past is a story I’m not loving, but I wish I was. It’s definitely cringeworthy and embarrassing!

Alt TitlesHow to Get Rid of My Dark History, no soy y es mi oscuro pasado, 흑역사를 없애는 법
CreatorsJonah [요나, Yona] Taru [Talu, 타루] (Author)
Somin [soso9275, Soso, 소민] (Artist)
How To Get Rid Of My Dark Past [First Impression]

How To Get Rid Of My Dark Past Summary

During my edgy emo teenage years, I wrote a novel about Reina, the only daughter of the Duke of Solei, who wears an eye patch in one eye and a black dye dragon on her left arm.

The ultimate moody emo villainess with skull decorations and black roses on everything she owns…

The ultimate symbol of my dark and moody past – and now I am suddenly her?!

To make matters worse, even the overpowered minion characters who I made swear their allegiance to me have now started running wild… to the point that I’m the one who feels like begging on my knees.

This is enough! Just, why is everything so embarrassingly overdramatic?

It’s time to clean up my dark past!

How To Get Rid Of My Dark Past [First Impression]
The art is pretty good in this story, but I’m not loving the story.

So basically it’s an isekai story where our protagonist wakes up as someone else.

She hates everything to do with the protagonist in the original story. So she decides to remove everything reminding her of the dark past, making her a typical duke’s daughter.

It also makes the story boring and nonspecial, making me not want to read onward.

We’re not even allowed to explore her life as a moody goth daughter, before everything is being tossed out in a matter of seconds.

How To Get Rid Of My Dark Past [First Impression]
Like I totally get this is what the story is about, but it’s just so… boring. It’s clear it’s supposed to be funny and all, but I find it cringeworthy and annoying.

And for some reason our protagonist can also summon a dragon, for no good reason. Cool, what’s the point of that if you can’t even use it?

One redeeming feature is that the isekai-heroine is also the author of the novel. I suppose that’s something of a saving grace but not really. I have a feeling this is a type of reverse harem situation, as well.

We have the brown-skinned man with red hair and then the prince, too. Plus someone else, I think.

Final thoughts: I won’t bother reading more, it’s not my cup of tea and it seems quite cringeworthy.

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