No Way, My Best Actress Wife [Recommendation]

No Way, My Best Actress Wife is a cliché manhua but with an overall redeeming overhanging story arc and cute moments.

Alt TitlesThe Lovely Wife Do Not Run Away, Mantan Artis yang Terkekang, 影后老婆不许逃, 톱스타의 계약결혼
CreatorsMiFenPink [飒漫画 路非]
LicensedYes, Mangatoon
AdaptedProbably a novel originally
GenreComedyDramaMature Warning: Mental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted MurderRomance
No Way, My Best Actress Wife [Recommendation]

No Way, My Best Actress Wife Summary

I thought this was just about me coming back to the stage.

Who’d expect layers and layers of mysteries, lies, and conspiracies?

Love that was once lost, memories that flood back. Turns out we’ve loved each other time after time.

No Way, My Best Actress Wife [Recommendation]
Evil woman
No Way, My Best Actress Wife is a story which starts out like most manhua series usually do.

We have a cheating boyfriend, who just happens to cheat with the female lead’s half-sister.

However, at least our female lead is a bit smart and manages to record their intimate session.

The worst part is the fact they’re having “fun” but are still discussing everything they’ve done to her in the past.

Talk about a mood killer? I suppose for the plot it’s good, but it’s quite stupid.

Anyway, our female lead manages to save the male lead’s son and he takes an instant liking to her.

No Way, My Best Actress Wife [Recommendation]
Quite early on I have the suspicion she’s the child’s real mother.

It’s not until much later we find out some hints that may actually be true. Needless to say, the plot isn’t actually ground-breaking nor is it surprising.

Despite various flaws and annoyances, the story is somewhat managing to keep my attention.

I do quite like the story, despite a bunch of cringe moments. The male lead isn’t too overbearing, although he’s tethering the line sometimes.

Some are saying the story is very similar to another manhua, so it seems this one and the other have the same source material.

Recommendation: It’s not a bad manhua overall, so if you want to read something half-decent, this is your chance.

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