My Beloved Ghost [Manhwa - First Impression]

My Beloved Ghost [Manhwa – First Impression]

“My Beloved Ghost” seems to be funny, weird and romantic at the same time. 

Alt Titles Familiar Ghost, Just a Ghost I Know, 아는 귀신, Aneun Gwisin
CreatorsHyewon JEONG [정혜원] (Author), Beodeong [버덩] (Artist)
GenreComedy, HorrorMangaRomanceSlice of Life,

Summary of My Beloved Ghost

Jo Jaekyung lives as the so called “Ghost”. Long black hair, pale skin, and her horror aura are the cause for that nickname.

This girl with scary aura must learn how to love to chase her dream to be an actress. But who wants to be her boyfriend?

Her encounter with Cha Minhyuk, a cold and merciless President, might be the beginning of her love story!

My Beloved Ghost

The first chapter simply gives you a rundown of what will happen in the coming chapters, like a promotional chapter. It definitely showed enough to get me hooked. 

It’s a ridiculous concept of a CEO living together with a woman who wants to become an actress, but is stuck like a ghost actress at an amusement park. 

Unfortunately it seems there’s not a lot of content in English. I honestly can see this becoming some type of Korean drama. It certainly has some fun aspects going on.

Final thoughts: There’s still very little content of this manhwa, but I’m definitely going to have an eye on it. 

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