Mulan Wants To Marry

mulan wants to marry [First Impression]

Mulan Wants To Marry isn’t looking too special in my opinion. Read my reasons in the post, but it’s not going to be many kind words.

Alt Titles木兰要出嫁, Mùlán yào chū jià, Mulan yao chu jia
CreatorsBi Ge Xiong [比格熊, Big Bear]
GenreComedyDramaIsekai, , RomanceSlice of Life

Mulan Wants To Marry Summary

Crossing, or a substitute? The ancient female hero’s Hua Mulan travelled to the present world through time and space. She finds out that Xiao Li feng is exactly the same as the dead Xiangfan.

Is this a coincidence of history? Or is it the meaning of her miraculous crossing?

For this reason, Mulan became Xiao’s little assistant and small nanny. The two begin living together in a fun and interesting life.

Mulan Wants To Marry [First Impression]

I’m not fully liking this story, not going to lie. The reason is mainly because of the heroine and her stupid behaviour in the beginning. She keeps going around saying she’s Mulan and yes, I get she’s confused but… argh!

You can clearly tell you’re not in your home country/time, why do you need to make yourself out as a fool. There are easier ways to find out information about where and when you are.

The plot is quite stupid overall, since some manager is allowing Mulan to live and become an assistant to some idol or whatever. How would that ever work in real life, not even the fact she’s a female and the idol is a male.

It’s the fact she was literally running around saying she’s called something else and he knows nothing about her. She’s just a nutcase in the eyes of others.

I must say the artist and author made a good job of showing her confusion of the world.

Like she doesn’t realize elevators exist so she is walking 7 flights of stairs. It’s quite endearing if you think about it, and frightening if you think about elevators. They just move to a different floor by pushing a button, if you don’t know how they work I’d never set my foot in one of them!

She’s equally confused by cars and doesn’t seem to know what they are, and is hesitating about entering the vehicle. I quite like this realistic view of an isekai story.

Recommendation: You can probably skip this one since it’s nothing too special.

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