Early in the morning [First Impression]

Early In The Morning is a boy’s love story between an emperor and a man. They’re spending the night together and the young man runs away in the morning.

Alt TitlesEarly morning, 不早朝, Bu Zaochao, Bù Zǎocháo, Chase After You, Missing Morning Court
Creatorszhizhen [之臻, The Best] (Author)
white bear do-wear [白熊道耳, Polar Bear] (Artist)
GenreDramaHistoricalMature Warning: Drugs / AlcoholShounen Ai/ Yaoi
Early In The Morning

Early In The Morning Summary

In the eyes of the world, the Emperor of the Ning dynasty was a brilliant young ruler.

Only Song Shiwei knew that the whole world had been deceived by him!

Not only was he not a proper man, but he was also a pretender! He also wanted to……

Early In The Morning

Early In The Morning is a BL story between an emperor and a young man. The start of the series is when the two of them are drinking and the young man passes out.

I almost thought the emperor is drugging them, but I suppose he just drunk and passes out. In the end, he wakes up in the arms of a gorgeous man, but of course he runs away.

Once at home, he meets his grandfather and talks about what happened the day before. Of course not the actual s*x but the fact he was drinking and passed out.

The art is pretty darn good and I’m honestly expecting that. Most BL manhua and manhwa series have excellent art, this is no exception.

Obviously the plot isn’t too unique, but the summary makes me think it’s more going on. They could just be throwing us for a loop, stating it’s xyz but it’s just a personality change.

Final thoughts: I don’t think it’s a full-blown yaoi series, but the art is good and it seems to be interesting enough to warrant a read.

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