Moonrise by the Cliff [Recommendation]

Moonrise By The Cliff is standing out with good art, a lovely budding romance and some tragedy occurring. I doubt we’re walking away without shedding tears.

Alt TitlesThe Moon on the Cliff, 절벽에 뜬 달
CreatorsHyeon Minye, 현민예 (Author)
JYL, 재율랑, Jae Yul Rang(Artist)
LicensedYes, Manta
Genre DramaFantasyHistoricalMature Warning: Depression, AlcoholMental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted MurderSmut, Romance

Moonrise By The Cliff Summary

A lone house is on the cliff of a miserable little island, and the man who is dethroned and exiled there. I watch him on behalf of my sickly father… and I dare falling in love with him.

Without even knowing what my fate entails.

Moonrise By The Cliff is starting off quite interesting, with an emperor being in exile for his “crimes”.

He’s living in a cabin on a cliff, with a lone guard standing outside his abode. There’s not really a lot preventing him from leaving.

Due to her father’s illness, our female lead is taking his place as a guard. Little does she know how close she’s going to get to the man imprisoned in the cabin, not that she’ll protest too much.

Honestly, the story is lovely and charming in it’s own right, despite the smut or romance. We see two people who are lonely, take comfort in each other’s presence.

They drink and eat together, enjoying each other’s presence and comfort. Occasionally they play a game or the man reads poems. It starts off with a friendship, even though the attraction is definitely there.

This story is a smut manhwa, but the mature version isn’t available on Manta.

I’ll assume they’ll cut and angle the panels so we won’t actually see anything, so if you’re worried, don’t be. There’s one version of the webtoon where everything is visible, including lightsabers (if you know, you know).

However, that version isn’t available in English at the time of writing this, and I got no idea when or if it will be available.

As for the things I don’t like, there’s some cliché evil ex-fiancé (if even that) whose sole purpose is wreaking havoc for the female lead. He’s seemingly possessive and obnoxious, for no real good reason.

What’s really upsetting is how the female lead’s father is taking the blame for stealing. Despite his dementia, they’re showing no care for him and it ends really tragic.

The ex is really an @sshole and I hope a tiger eats him, or something like that. There is a tiger on the island and so I can only hope it manages getting to him before he runs off somewhere else.

Final thoughts: The story is really good and I was reading it non-stop as soon as I started. It’s a lovely combination of budding romance and tragedy.

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