As the moon wanes [Recommendation]

As The Moon Wanes is quite sad initially, but ends up with a twist. We have some real supernatural stuff happening, including a missing shadow.

Alt Titles달이 가려지는 날, dali galyeojineun nal
CreatorsKONG Bokyung [GONG Bo-Gyeong, 공보경], UH Danbee [EO Danbi, 어단비] (Authors)
Yongsa [용사] (Artist)
AdaptedFrom a novel
As The Moon Wanes

As The Moon Wanes Summary

Trapped in a mysterious forest… “There’s a forest that steals shadows?”

Hyojoo is on the verge of losing her shadow to a menacing forest and disappearing forever when she meets Muyoung, a mysterious yet beautiful man.

In this fairy tale romance, the two race against time as the moon slowly

As The Moon Wanes
Our female lead, Hyojoo, is an orphan who lose two important things/people in her life.

Her boyfriend dumps her and her manager fires her, so she’s down on her luck.

However, she gets a call saying her grandmother has passed away. A grandmother she didn’t know exists, so she’s obviously not interested in going to the funeral. But… there’s an inheritance matter to deal with.

You see, as an orphan she’s not against swallowing her pride in order to get ahead in life. She says as much, forcing herself to a funeral of a woman who she has no relationship with.

As The Moon Wanes
At the village she meets her grandmother’s cousin, who suggests she stays in the village.

As luck will have it, she enters the forest without permission and loses her shadow. Thus she’s unable to leave the village until she finds it again.

She also comes across a man, Muyoung. However, it’s clear he’s not a “man” of normal attributes. Instead he seems like an empty shell, without a real heartbeat.

I can only assume they’ll fall in love, but not sure how the relationship will be working out. Our female lead is also unable to speak of the mountain, rendering any asking of help useless.

As for our female lead, I quite like her view of the world. It’s clear she’s been struggling with life so it makes sense she will take any opportunity she can.

There’s definitely something going on with the forest and I have a sneaking suspicion the grandmother knew something.

Final thoughts: Seems to be an interesting story, definitely worth reading it.

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